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08-02-2009, 10:19 AM
Ok, this is a potential list, I'm planning on proxying it against a very helpful necron friend of mine at some point, but until then, comments and thoughts please :)

Designed specifically to be used with the Mass Drop strategem.


1 x Commissar Lord w/ Power Weapon & Melta Bombs, attached to a Stormtroopers Squad


3 x Stormtroopers (10) w/ 2 x Meltagun
3 x Stormtroopers (10) w/ Plasmagun & Meltagun

Fast Attack

3 x Valkyrie w/ Multiple Rocket Pods (either in a squadron or separate)
3 x Vendetta (either in a squadron or separate)

Each stormtrooper squad will be in a valkyrie/vendetta with the Airborne special mission (I forget the proper name), using the mass drop strategem, the valkyries side armour completely negates the S5 hits that you would normally take.

The Transports deep strike in a relatively safe distance from the enemies objectives, preferably in a relatively open area, if there are none, then they should come on from the drop zone to avoid losing your army to mishaps ;)

They then move 12" gaining their cover save for the next turn, drop the Stormtroopers off as close to the objectives as you feel safe doing so, the re-roll for the scatter helps for this. The valkyries can then fire their multilaser & rocket pods, whereas the vendettas can fire a twin-linked lascannon each at any priority armour targets.

By this time you should theoretically be holding several objectives.

Ideally, the army should come in as late as possible to deny the enemy as much of their shooting as possible, though that is of course up to the dice gods!

Also, apologies if I've got the rules for deep-striking vehicles wrong, I think they can move and fire that turn, but I may be wrong. Also, I can't remember if stormies can move and shoot after dropping out the back of a valkyrie/vendetta, some enlightenment on this point would be welcome :)

The other aspect of this list is that if you're lucky, then there will be an open space somewhere for you to deep-strike the vehicles in, and if you're very lucky, then your opponent will have wasted 3 of his strategem points on drop zone denial.

This might well be taken as a powergaming list, however it isn't supposed to be, it is more of a fluffy list, as this is one way that I would see the Guard getting planetside, whilst avoiding unnecessary casualties, because the more men they have left later the better, not for any saving life reasons ;)

08-02-2009, 10:41 AM
Yes, because your vehicles are Fast, they can indeed fire. They count as moving 12".

08-02-2009, 10:47 AM
Ah, I guess they can't deep strike and move then. But at least they get their cover save, it just takes 2 turns to get to the objectives instead :)

11-24-2009, 03:53 PM
Deepstriking Vendettas = bad idea. Counts as moving cruising speed = only one TL lascannon firing.