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02-11-2014, 05:49 AM
Welcome to Fallen Forever I am looking for 4-6 people to take part in my RP. This will be a weekly RP session whether it be on skype or just making sure everyone is online on the forum at the same time. For this I am planing on running it using the Rogue Trader.


You wake up in an almost pitch black cell. The walls are made of some sort of metal that us is cold and damp to the touch. There is a slight thrum of power generators and the taste of artificial ozone catches your tongue. There is nothing in the cell but a bare metal slab welded to the wall, a layer of dirt on the floor and a line of slime on the wall from a leaking pipe above.

A few minutes after you wake up, the door swings open and you see the corridor is dark. You realise a siren has been sounding the whole time but your hearing has only just recognised it. As you stumble towards the door a several las beams fly past the open door lighting up the area. There are screams of pain from one end of the corridor and the sound of a pressurised armoured door slamming at the other.

You look around the corridor and see others that are doing the same looking as confused as you are. Every one of the people you look at is larger than a normal person whether muscular taller or broader. Looking down the corridor you see the bodies of guards of some form one is obviously an officer with his lackeys dead in front of him. Looking up towards the sealed door you see a flash of a masked man turn away and move along the corridor the other side.

The guards all have a mix of flak and mail armour that all seems too large for them; the officer has a storm trooper helmet. The officer has a las pistol, one of his men has a las carbine and the rest of the guards are a mix of autoguns.

Past the guards bodies there is another armoured door that hasnít closed properly. Your group squeeze under the door. The room is large and covered in display screens that give out a dark black light over the room. Slumped over the only console in the room is a techno magi his skull having been smashed in from behind. He wears simple mechanics robes and a needle pistol hangs from his limp hand.


Your goal is to find out where you are and why you were imprisoned in this place. As a side note one or more of the party is one of the FALLEN who ever this might be, he should ether trying to hide this fact or openly tell the group what he is ether way to the public his is just an ab-human or just really bulky. Members of the group that want to be a member of the FALLEN will have to persuade me or if no one comes forward will be chosen at random and be told privately.

On top of that it is your goal to make a name for yourselves and escape to a safe(compared to where you are) area of space.

So to anyone that is interested please post or PM me and we can work something out. Mainly I will be running this on the Dark Reign Forums as thats where i spend most of my net life XD Link to the thread on there: http://darkreign.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=7045&p=138891#p138891


02-12-2014, 10:19 AM
Clarification on characters:

Every member of the group can choose one unnatural trait (strength, toughness)
All chartacters gain an extra +5 2 of the following strength, toughness, agility, weapon skill or ballistic skill. This is to represent that everyone is an ab-human or larger then a normal person.
All characters will be made form the rogue trader advanced origin tree from into the storm
All stats will be 2d10+25.
The person chosen to be the fallen will make the character as per the Into the storm origin path. but at some point in the future they will gain all the extra stuff a space marine gets or I will give it too them slowly over the campaign as needs arise.
power armour will not be available till late game as its kinda OP
also people shouldn't let on to others if they are or are not the Fallen. If there are going to be more then one Fallen then they are aloud to let each other know