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08-03-2009, 12:59 AM
This is a list I'm putting together for a tournament. your comments please

I have been putting this list togeter for a long time. I am painting this force to a high standard the first 1110 points are either painted or are on the painting table. it has taken me 18 months so for to paint/ convert them. the remaining points are up in the air

fixed (painted/ painting)
10 dire advengers shimmer sheild defend and blade storm
5 jet bikes with 1 s cannon
2 prism cannons with holofields
5 wraith guard with warlock and enhance
1 farseer jetbike runes of warding, doom spear
wave serpent spirit stone shuiriken cannons

the to be decided bit
5 wraith guard + spirit seer to turn guard in to troops
7 banshee with exarch and executioner
wave serpent with missile launcher and spirit stone

08-03-2009, 02:25 AM
Well right now you've only got 2 units of troops which means in 2/3 games all your opponent has to do is take out those 2 units and your unable to win the game. With this in mind out of those 2 options i say add more to the wraith guard and make them troops.

08-03-2009, 06:35 AM
Get another Serpent full of DAs, drop the Exarch and his junk (they are cheap, blasty scoring units, don't get into combat). Add Rangers and you have 3 solid Troops.

No Fire Dragons = no anti-tank. Prisms are BS3. 2 units of 5 or 6, Dragon's Breath Flamer and a Falcon for each.

WG have no place in a mech list and 10 are simply too expensive.

Get some jetbike Warlocks to run with your Farseer. If you want an awesome fighty/tarpit, 10 jetlocks and a Farseer with Fortune and Doom, backed by Destructors, Enhance and Embolden will shrug off just about anything and dish out the pain in HtH.

08-03-2009, 07:22 AM

jet bikes, dire advengers and wraith guard with a spirit seer give me 3 troop choices I have already painted 5 wraith guard ( 3 months painting won best squad at GW oxford street last year) I figure adding 5 extra makes them troops. plan to leave them on rear objectives.
this may of not been clear in my first post.

prisms are BS 4 and can twin link if you combine them. the blast rules do suck when you try to land the template on the tank.

Other points are valid, it is a case of too many points already commited.

Dave l

08-03-2009, 08:31 AM
Jetbikes are meh, not that survivable, expensive, and no real firepower (2 BS3 shuricannons, whoo!). Wraithguard are pretty models, but 400 points for a unit that doesn't do anything is definitely not worth it. They aren't fast, pose no threat in HtH, and have such short-ranged weapons that nobody will be hit by them unless they have brain problems. If you want something to sit on your home objective, get a handful of Rangers.

Combining the Prism gives you a single blast railgun, is that worth not firing both? Fire Dragons are cheaper, destroy vehicles more reliable, multiple units can engage multiple targets, and you get a Falcon to boot. Prisms should be blowing apart infantry.

Inquisitor Lord Haestus
08-04-2009, 04:14 AM
My opinion, and it is only my opinion, is to increase your troop choices. As has been said, the Wraithguard are cool models (and you may be able to find good use in a Planet strike or Apacolypse game) but you should have 2 units of Dire Avengers and a unit, at least, of Rangers. Jet Bikes are nice forlast turn objective grabbing, but don't hold your breath if you think they will survive longer than a couple rounds of shooting. One Autarch for your HQ is good. If you need specialized troops, think what you will be up against. Don't take fire dragons if you are fighting a horde army as banshees will server you better. Dark Reapers are a nice addition as would a War Walker Squadron with scatter lasers. Whatever you decide I wish you good luck and have fun!