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Hades Alpha
08-03-2009, 09:10 AM
Iíd like to have your advices on my space marine list. This list is meant to be competitive.

Vulkan Heístan (190 pts)
Chaplain (100 pts)

10 man Tactical squad (225 pts)
- Meltagun, Lascannon
- Transport: Razorback

10 man Tactical squad (225 pts)
- Meltagun, Lascannon
- Transport: Razorback

10 man Tactical squad (235 pts)
- Meltagun, Multimelta, Combi-melta, Power Weapon
- Transport: Drop pod

Dreadnought (160 pts)
- Assault cannon, Heavy flamer
- Transport: Drop pod

Dreadnought (160 pts)
- Assault cannon, Heavy flamer
- Transport: Drop pod

10 man Terminator assault squad (400 pts)
- 4 TH/SS, 6 LC

Heavy support
Land raider (250 pts)

Land raider crusader (250 pts)

Total: 1995 pts

I believe the plan is somewhat obvious.
1) I drop the marine pod close to the heavy armour and the dreadnought pod close to bothersome unit to tie/kill them.
2) I split the assault terminators in both Land raiders with the chaplain and push forward. As for Vulkan, I donít know. I guess it will depend on each situation. He might end up in one pod or Land raider.
3) The last two marine squads hold back. The two lascannon combat squads should be quite static. The other two combat squads in the razorbacks should gently push forward, behind the Land raiders.

Facing such a list, what would you do to beat it?
Opinions, ideas, suggestions and flaming are welcome.

08-03-2009, 10:30 AM
I think it looks fairly good, here's my thoughts.

Why Vulkan when you don't bring lots of melta/flamers?

Lascannons aren't doing anything. I'd just go for MM and flamer, both free, both killy in their own way. The MM can sit on an objective and dare vehicles to get close, it's not offensive, just area denial.

Dreads should have MM as well. They're twin-linked and you have the HF to kill hordes anyway.

Termies should be all TH/SS, you benefit from re-rolls and the 3+ awesome save.

LRs should have MM and extra armor. You want them moving and you want them to threaten armor. Just take two LRCs.

I'd try and find some points for cheap dakka Predators, they will help threaten transports and light AV your meltas are overkill on. Make one LR a transport for the Termies so you can fit 2 in. Some MM/HF Speeders wouldn't hurt either, and you can always drop the Dreads for something a bit less suicidal.

08-03-2009, 07:25 PM
How do you propose splitting up the squads in the razorbacks? I thought they only held six models.

Hades Alpha
08-03-2009, 07:39 PM
@ Chumbalaya: Thank you for your comments. I must say that I agree and disagree with some of your suggestions, but you are definitely right about the suicidal part of the plan. I guess Iíll have to figure something else. As for the TH/SS, I donít know yet. I often play against marines I like to trade hits at the same time (same initiative). More thinking must be made...

@ Rob: I thought I would leave two 5 man combat squads with the heavy weapon behind and the other two 5 man combat squads in the razorback. If thatís not what you meant, I guess I donít really understand your question.

08-04-2009, 12:32 PM
Seems like an interesting list

I like the twist of combat squading the termies, I would like to know how that works out. The only problem that could happen is that you might have a hard time capturing and holding hotly contested objectives with combat squads, you shouldn't have a problem contesting them, just capturing.

Also, with so few units I would consider deploying all in reserves and coming on like that. I know it can be great or suck big time to be 100% in reserves, but with only two RAzorbacks deployed and Two Landraiders on the field your asking for trouble.

If I were facing you I would pop the Razorback right off the bat (Assuming I didn't flub rolls) because they hold your only effectively mobile troops. The Raiders are tough for sure, but they could get bogged down if your not careful (As Im sure you know).

What I might change (if you want).
- Put Drop pod marines in a Rhino, keep gear the same.
- Give Dreads a Melta Gun each, or change assault cannon to Multi-Melta.

Just my two cents. best of luck


08-04-2009, 01:34 PM
I'd definitely put some melta on the Dreads. They are going to tie up low S assault units by the fact that they are walkers. You want them to be able to drop in and immobilize or blow up your opponent's approaching Land Raider/Battlewagon/etc.

I think you are too split between an armor force and a DP force. I'd almost like to see another LR and fewer Pods or more pods and one less LR. I don't think the Marine Pod and Drop Dread are going to be enough to keep a gunline army from shooting your Razorbacks to pieces.