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01-12-2010, 03:45 PM
Hi everybody, I'm new around here so I thought why not tell you about my latest game!
This is is all from memory so the details are a bit obscured due to the few days that have passed however it was all very enjoy able and I was astonnished how well the Necron did.

All the 4 armies were of 1000 points.

2 X 10 warriors
Lord with scyte
5 scarab swarms
3 destroyers

Company command.
A Pennal legion. (rolled psykopaths)
5 or 6 Veteran squats with a lot of different stuff.
1 Bassilisk.
1 Valkyrie
5 ratlings

Witch Hunters:
Cannones with jump pack (wings...)
5 Seraphims
3 X 10 Sisters in rhinos
1 Exorcist

Space Wolves:
Wolf priest
Iron priest
5 wolf guards in terminator amour with lots of different gear.
10 Blood Claws
10 Grey Hunters

Standard deployment and capture and controle.

The valkyrie was the only thing in reserve.
So the SoB and SW went first moving toward the enermy throwing all of their shooting at the monolith, doing nothing!
Striking back the IG and Necron only moved the monolith closer to the center to maximize its shooting potential. in the shooting phase all they managed was to immobilise the land raider in the middle of the board, as the bolter nuns prayed and was over all delivered, though some transports took some hits. In turn to the Sisters moved into position in general, the SW finally pulled first blood by shooting the hobbits with rifles. The cannones and seraphims assualted some guards men in their path to contest their objektive, slughtering the lot. The wolf priest, iron priest and termies all charged out of the land raider and into the monolith - ONLY STUNNING IT!
The IG didn't move at all, the necron had the scarabs and destroyers move. the destroyers the took out a rhino, some nuns got shoot and the blood claws took casualties but held firm, being able to charge next turn it was very improtant! The seraphims and connones took a lot of fire but lost only 3 of their number due to faith points. In the assault phase the scarabs RIPPED THE LAND RAIDER TO PIECES!
Now the SoB and SW players changed tactic and accepted they couldn't do much about the monolith and so started to focus on the necron the target was to make them phase out. the firepower of grey hunters, exorcist, and some sisters plus a charge from the blood claws and terminators they managed to kill around 13 warriors, anialating one of the squads.
The fist thing the necrons did was to bring back quite a few of their number forming up with the guys stuck with the blood claws. then they teleported away and bought back some more of their number! The other major thing to happen was when the scarabs assaulted and raped the exorcist. Also, the nuns got decimated all over, especially the seraphims causing havok amongst the IG, leaving only the cannones, and wounded at that.
in turn 4 the combined power of all the wolves charged the necron destroyning them, and so causing the rest of them to phase out. the cannones threw herself at the bissilisk and destroyed it, the explosion killed a lot of tightly packed guardsmen and the cannones herself.

Now it was IG and Necron's (well just the IG's actually) turn 4, but we had to end the game there, with very little chance of the IG winning the battle, but it was great fun though and it goes to show that you can still make a very scary necron armylist because what gauss lost in 5th edition, the monolith won!

I played the space wolves and I think i will go for a rune priest instead of a wolf priest, the necron player want a tomb spyder, the witch hunters should have brought an orbital bombartment, and the IG player should learn to roll his dice better!

So what do you think of my 1st post in here?
(spelling errors are free of charge)

01-29-2010, 12:46 AM
Its not to bad for a first post. Next time take some pics! It helps to keep track of things and it never hurts to have some visuals to go with your battle report. :)

Scarabs eating a Land Raider for lunch should give a Necron player an auto win as a special rule. :D

01-29-2010, 03:02 AM
nice to see a WH army in a bat-rep. one thing though, he cant take an orbital bombardment unless he has an inquisitor in his force, so hed have to lose something else. another exorcist is better