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Master Bryss
01-17-2010, 08:01 AM
On the day the new Tyranids came out I had a 1000 point game with fellow BoLS member and longtime friend Cyberscape7. As he had got there before all the Codices in GW Aberdeen ran out and I didn’t, he would play the Nids and I would play a Guard list.

DISCLAIMER: This game was purely for fun. I honestly don’t care that I didn’t use Chimeras or meltaguns.

Cyberscape’s list was as follows:
Tyranid Prime with rending claws, scything talons and regen
1 Hive Guard
1 Lictor
1 Zoanthrope
3 Warriors- 2 deathspitters, barbed strangler
15 Termagants- devourers
15 Hormagaunts-adrenal glands
9 Genestealers including Broodlord with scything talons
Carnifex with stranglethorn cannon

I went for:
1st BELLJANI VETERANS- 1000 points
10 Grenadier Veterans- flamer, plasmagun, power weapon
10 Vets- 2 plasmaguns, plasma pistol
10 Vets- grenade launcher
10 Vets- sniper rifle
Valkyrie- lascannon
Scout Sentinel- multi-laser
Armoured Sentinel- plasma cannon
Leman Russ- lascannon, heavy bolters, extra armour

The game was Annihalation with Pitched Battle deployment. I deployed first, placing the Russ and Valkyrie containing the Grenadiers and Yarrick in the centre, with the Scout Sentinel and Plasmagun Veterans (PlasVets for short) on their right and the Armoured Sentinel, Sniper rifle Veterans (SnipVets) and Grenade Launcher Veterans (GrenVets) on their left. The Tyranids deployed in two groups, the Hive Guard, Zoanthrope and Hormagaunts opposing the Valkyrie and the right flank of the Guard, and the Prime, Warriors, Carnifex and Termagants opposing the other group. The Genestealers and Lictor went into Reserve.

TURN 1.0
The Guard, retaining the initiative, started to move. The Valkyrie cruised forward, dropping off Yarrick and the Grenadiers safely. The PlasVets jumped 5” over their defensive lines towards the Hormagaunts.
The Guard began to open fire now, the Valkyrie trained a lascannon shot onto the Carnifex, however it failed to hit the target. The Grenadiers shot las-bolts at the Hormagaunts, killing 2, however the Plasma Gun rolled a 1 and a 2 to hit, and the unfortunate Grenadier carrying it perished in a small heated blast. Yarrick supported them with his storm bolter, but failed to do any damage. The PlasVets ran 6” closer to the Hormagaunts, while the Scout Sentinel killed another two of the creatures with its laser. Now the Leman Russ fired at the Gaunts, the battle cannon only killing one Gaunt and failing to wound the Zoanthrope that was caught in the blast. The Russ’ other weapons managed two more Gaunt kills. On the other side of the battle, the Armoured Sentinel shot the Carnifex with its plasma cannon, but failed to penetrate its carapace. Combined las-fire from the GrenVets and SnipVets killed three Termagants, but the special weapons in each squad missed.

TURN 1.5
Both of the larger Tyranid units moved forwards, the Hormagaunts followed by the Zoanthrope and the Termagants by the Prime and its guard.
The stationary Hive Guard attempted to shoot at the Russ, but found itself out of range. The Zoanthrope focused its awesome mental powers into a Warp Lance that penetrated the Valkyrie and caused it to crash. (score 1:0 Nids). The Hormagaunts bounded closer towards Yarrick and his squad. Meanwhile, the Carnifex and Termagants combined fire at the GrenVets, killing 6 of them, but they remained resolute. The Barbed Strangler from the Prime’s Warrior Guard killed 2 SnipVets, obviously guided by the Prime’s Alpha influence.
The Hormagaunts charged into the Grenadiers, killing 3. The shaken Grenadiers failed to kill anything, but Yarrick and the Sergeants were made of stronger stuff and killed 3 in return, forcing a draw.

TURN 2.0- Score 1:0 Nids
Once again the PlasVets advanced, but the other Guard remained still.
At last the PlasVets could bring one of their plasmaguns to bear, however in a foul twist of fate it failed to wound the Zoanthrope and killed its bearer (plasma go boom count- 2), however the trusty lasguns of the squad wounded it once. The Scout Sentinel, sensing it’s weakness, killed it off with a well aimed laser beam (score 1 all). The Russ shot at the Carnifex, however it was only wounded once by a lucky heavy bolter shot. It also shot a Hunter Killer Missile, which wounded it once, although we then remembered that despite the model having a HK, it wasn’t in the list and so did nothing at all (why is it that imaginary missiles do more damage than real ones?)! The Armoured Sentinel, armed with possibly the only reliable plasma weapon in my army, wounded a Warrior. Combined fire from the GrenVets and SnipVets killed 3 Termagants, 1 of these kills was from the grenade launcer and 0 from the sniper gun.
In the central melee, 2 more Grenadiers were slashed apart by Hormagaunts, however the squad gave a stalwart performance in combat and killed 4 of the beasts. This was followed up by Yarrick, who dispatched the remaining beasts with crushing Power Klaw blows (score 2:1 guard). The squad consolidated to go and support the Grenade and Sniper Veterans.

TURN 2.5- Score 2:1 guard
With no guiding Zoanthrope, the Hive Guard reverted to Lurking, moving into the nearest terrain piece. The GrenVets received an evil shock, as a Lictor appeared directly behind them! The Prime urged on his guard and the Termagants, moving forward.
The Lictor attempted to impale a Veteran with flesh hooks, but failed to wound. If this wasn’t enough pain for these Veterans, the squad was then wiped out by Termagant Devourer fire (score 2:2). 4 more SnipVets were killed by the Fex and Warriors, and the squad was pinned.

TURN 3.0- Score 2:2
The Scout Sentinel threw itself over the same defence line the PlasVets crossed in turn 1, while the PlasVets moved to attack the Hive Guard. Yarrick and what was left of the Grenadiers advanced towards the Fex.
The Scout Sentinel attacked the Hive Guard, but its laser did nothing. The guns of the PlasVets wounded the Hive Guard once, but in a move I really should have anticipated, the other plasmagun blew up and killed its wielder (plasma go boom count- 3). The Sergeant then fired his plasma pistol, and proved to the rest of his squad that plasma was indeed a good choice by killing the Hive Guard (score 3:2 guard). A spectacular firestorm from the Leman Russ killed 2 Warriors and wounded the remaining one, with the Prime remaining unhurt. The Armoured Sentinel wounded the Fex with its reliability cannon. Yarrick attempted to wound the Fex with his storm bolter, but failed.

TURN 3.5- Score 3:2 guard
The Genestealers arrived on the battlefield, coming in on the board edge near the Lictor to outflank the Guard. The Tyranid Prime moved out of sight of the Russ, followed by the last Warrior. The Lictor was forced to Lurk in nearby cover, while the Gaunts changed route to attack Yarrick’s Grenadiers. The Carnifex moved towards Yarrick with killing intent.
The Lictor opened the Shoot phase by impaling a SnipVet on flesh hooks. The Fex missed Yarrick with the Stranglethorn, however the Termagants managed to kill all of the Grenadiers (score 3:3) and wound Yarrick once.
In the most heroic combat of the game, the Fex charged into Yarrick, but only managed to wound him once. Undaunted by this, Yarrick proceeded to rip off the head of the Carnifex (score 4:3 guard) and consolidate 6” away from the Gaunts to go and recover from his wounds.

TURN 4.0- Score 4:3 guard
The SnipVets recovered from shellshock and stood up. The Scout Sentinel and Not-PlasVetsAnymore moved towards the remaining enemies, but they were still a long way away.Yarrick moved behind cover to preserve his life. The Armoured Sentinel moved towards the Stealers.
The Scout Sentinel was found to be in range of the Termagants, and celebrated by killing one. The PlasVets ran 6” towards the Gaunts. 6 of the Genestealers were wiped out by the mighty Russ, with another one killed by the Armoured Sentinel. Lasfire from the SnipVets killed two Termagants, but again the sniper rifle failed to hit.

TURN 4.5- No change in score
The Genestealers and Termagants moved to engage the SnipVets.
The SnipVets are wiped out by a combination of Devourers and Flesh Hooks (score 4:4)

TURN 5.0- Score 4:4
The two Sentinels both moved closer to their intended targets
The Leman Russ proved it’s worth again by killing all the remaining Termagants (score 5:4 guard). One Genestealer is killed by the Scout Sentinel, while the Armoured Sentinel wounds the Lictor once.
The Armoured Sentinel then charged the Lictor, suffering no damage and wounding the Lictor again. It fell back.

TURN 5.5- Score 5:4 guard
The only notable movement here was the Tyranid Prime, as it moved through cover to try and assault Yarrick. It failed to get enough distance and the game ended on this turn, a narrow victory for the Guard, who may indeed have lost a great hero if there was a turn 6...

All in all it was a fun game for both of us. If anyone has any thoughts feel free to voice them.

01-17-2010, 10:00 AM
Last time I saw this it was nothing but a bunch of notes scribbled on a page. Well done for making it so entertaining Bryss. I feel the need to construct a future battle report.;)

Master Bryss
01-17-2010, 10:34 AM
Oh yeah, 'Scape, sorry. When we had the fight I said I won 5:3, as it says here it's 5:4. Really close!

01-18-2010, 10:38 AM
Sounds like you two had a great fun game. I'm jelous. I fell that this a great example of how this hobby can provide for a fast and entertaning experiance that needent have curses and tears from one of the participants.

01-19-2010, 01:06 PM
Nice battle report, I enjoyed it!