View Full Version : Advice on P3 paints and other brands of paints.

08-07-2014, 08:02 AM
Hi everyone.

First off I would like to offer an apology. I'm not too sure if this post is in the correct for this part of the forum or is it more suited in the GW painting part. So if I've put this in the wrong section hopefully a mod will place it in the right area.

Anyway to the question at hand. My friend's hobby and gaming store has just started to stock P3 paints and I'll be honest I'm interested in giving these a try. I want to use these on my Space Wolves army and I'm not too sure where to start with paints, and I thought if there was any Space Wolves gamers/painters that has used these paints could recommend the correct triads (power armor, skin tones,) and washes/shades.

Additionally I would be looking to get some different metal paints and wondering what some of the painters would recommend.

I know this really comes off as a newbie question, however in my area until the past three years ago there wasn't any real interdependent war gamer stockist (Or well advertised ones anyway).

Many thanks in advance for any recommendations, advice and laughing at such a newbish question.