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08-27-2014, 10:50 AM
Currently building an Ascended psyker/Inquisitor for an upcoming Ascension and Deathwatch game. I'll be playing with three others, all of whom are Space Marines. I'm getting into the nuts and bolts of my character and one of the things I came across is wondering how to do anything about my gear. I'm wondering if there's anyone who might have some advice about it, since from what I see I'm going to be very behind in gear compared to the Marines in just about every fashion. I'm currently being given 6 years 'salary' at the Tier 6 paygrade, and that's it for my spendings. Anyone have a feeling on if this is probably too low, or have a suggestion on what to pick up with the money (approx. 7200)? From what I see I basically get 1 piece of armor with good AP, and start poking around for a Good-quality weapon *maybe*.

On a slightly related note, is Seal Wound worth it to pick up considering the power cost associated with picking it up? Roughly costing me 3 Discipline, and 4 Minor.

We're also looking at perhaps using Deathwatches requisition and renown system for me as well. Would this help counter balance the gear issue? Although it would only allow me to pick from Deathwatch gear really I suppose. Hmm, that could cause complications, thoughts?

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08-29-2014, 03:51 PM
chameoline combat armor, supression shield, synthskin, forcesword and a helmet with upgrades . . . regeneration, lift, lightning arc, fear and dominate are good :)