View Full Version : Need some advice from our resident Hive minds please.

John Bower
12-20-2014, 05:12 PM
Okay so here's the deal; I have the SoB boxed set so I've done the Genestealers as they are in the rulebook for a bit of a change to the rest of my stealers.
I've given the Carnifex 2 X T/L Devourers (Dakkafex) to add him to my other 2 Carnifexes.

But warriors; this gives me 3 new ones to add to my current 9. Of those original 9 2 have Devourers, one has a devourer and heavy weapon so is only legal as a prime. Not a problem there as it stands. But what to do with the new ones. My thoughts are either give 2 more devourers and Lashwhip/Boneswords and one a Barbed strangler (for the hope of pinning somebody sometimes) and a lashwhip/bonesword.

But with that said I'm also tempted to build 1 as a 2nd Prime. which would give me the following:

3 with ST/RC
3 with ST/ST
2 with Devourer/ST
1 Prime (Devourer and ST/Venomcannon) can't quite remember which he has as he's only just been dusted off again. :)
2 with LW&BS/Devourer
1 Prime (which I'm tempted to tool up with a relic of some kind and the LW/BS combo.

So please guys, thoughts on their loadout and why you would use that. And thanks.

John Bower
12-20-2014, 06:02 PM
Mods please move this; I don't for the life of me know how it got here it was meant to be in Warhammer 40k tactica. :) Thanks.