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02-10-2010, 05:42 PM
Hi guys, I was playing with my house mate the other day and we came across this weird situation we didn't know how to handle. I had 2 genestealers lined up in a corridor just afew spaces away from a terminator watching me in overwatch. It looked something like this below (sorry for the poor diagram)

____ | |_____
|G|G| | | |T| |
| | |

On my first move, the genestealer in front took a step forward, the terminator shot in overwatch and missed. In my second move I moved the genestealer diagonally forward into the corridor running perpendicular to the one I was in, and out of the Terminators line of sight. Then I started wondering.

The genestealer is no longer in line of sight. So the Terminator cannot shoot at it in overwatch. But does that mean he shoots at the genestealer in the back? or does overwatch not shoot at all because the genestealer is not in LOS after he made the move?

Similarly, if the Terminator had Command Points left at his disposal and the genestealer moved out of the terminators line of sight, can the terminator still use his command point to shoot at the genestealer in the back? Or is he unable to use his command point because the genestealer that made the action is no longer in his LOS.

Another question I have which im pretty sure I know the answer to but i'll still ask just to make sure. The genestealer was shot at after he made his first move and survived. Then he moved diagonally out of LOS, on the next move, and back into LOS the move after that. Assuming the Terminator does not shoot at the genestealer in the back. Does the terminator still have the sustained fire bonus on the first genestealer even though it made a move out of the terminators line of sight. The rule book says if the terminator uses his next action to shoot at the same target he has the bonus. So I assume he does get it, but I just thought I'd check up with this one.

Thanks for the help guys.

The Hivemind
02-17-2010, 01:34 PM
I don't believe so, as the terminators have to witness an action before shooting, and the stealer is moving out of sight. And your right, the terminator wouldn't be able to see the stealer after it's finished moving, so could not use a CP to shoot the stealer at the back.

02-17-2010, 08:06 PM
As I remember it(dont have my book to hand) the overwatch shot wouldnt happen because it only happens if the terminator witnesses the completion of an action infront of him, i.e you move in his los, or a door in his los.

However I believe the player would be entitled to declare they are using a command point to shoot the other genestealer as it says that you can declare you are using a command point in response to a genestealer action, not just to one you can see. So you declare in response to, letting you get it off after the first moves away, but before he is allowed to take another action.

Hope I have remembered it correctly, will chekc my book to double check if I remember and correct myself if I am wrong! :)

02-17-2010, 10:03 PM
There was a 1st ed Q&A that answered the question somewhat:

A Genestealer closes a door between itself and a Space Marine in overwatch. Can the Space Marine shoot at the Genestealer or the door?

No, the Space Marine can't shoot at either the Genestealer or the door.

He can't shoot the Genestealer because the overwatch shot comes after the Genestealer has completed its action. Closing the door takes the Genestealer out of the Space Marine's line of sight so it can't be shot.

He can't shoot the door because a Space Marine in overwatch is only allowed to fire at a Genestealer that's just taken an action.

Overwatch represents the Space Marine's split second response to a moving target. He's waiting tensely for a Genestealer to show itself and ignores all other targets, such as doors or features like crates.

On the other hand, if the Space Marine player wanted to spend a command point, he could shoot at the door. Command points represent specific orders to perform extra actions rather than instant snap-shot responses. Spending command points allows him to perform any action provided he has just seen a Genestealer take an action.

With command points the Space Marine could turn, step forward or backward, clear a jam or shoot at a door (any door - it needn't be the one that's just closed).

The penalty for doing this, of course, is that the Space Marine loses overwatch.

If a Space Marine forces a Blip to convert into the line of sight of another Space Marine on overwatch, does the model on overwatch get a shot?

No - the newly-converted Genestealer hasn't taken an action in the Space Marine's line of sight, so there's no chance to shoot.

Since the rules are basically identical ou can take it to indicate the Marine wouldn't get overwatch on the newly revealed stealer, but would be able to use a CP to fire.

Fabricator General
02-24-2010, 02:37 PM
Gotthammer has it right. For an overwatch shot, the enemy needs to end in a square in line of sight of the terminator

Commander Dante
03-16-2010, 11:37 AM
For a model to take an overwatch shot, the target model must have just taken an action that ends in the LOS & Fire Arc of the overwatched model.

This means, that if a 'Stealer is advancing up a corridor towards a Marine on O'watch and takes a step out of LOS, the Marine would NOT get an O'watch shot for the move that took the 'Stealer out of LOS.

In the example below, it is the 'Stealer player's turn. The Marine (M) is in O'watch and gets to fire at the advancing Genestealer (G) on moves* 1, 3, 4, & 5, but not 2 (because the 'Stealer ducked into a side doorway diagonally for that move).

If the 'Stealer lives through all 4 O'watch shots, it will get 1 Close Assault on the Marine.

| |
| 2|

However, CP's can still be used if available, and the Marine could do a number of things.

For example, the Marine can take one CP shot after his 4th O'watch shot failed, and hope he kills the 'Stealer. Since Close Assault will remove O'watch anyways, the Marine has nothing to lose but his life!

If the Marine had 2 CP's available, he could even take a backward move & fire action (provided there was room), putting himself out of harm's way and potentially killing the 'Stealer to boot!