View Full Version : 2 Imperial Armies (one SM/ one IG)

Inquisitor Lord Haestus
08-04-2009, 02:36 AM
I have enough troops to field 2 very large armies. I am just listing the forces I have available and welcome any advice or comments.

Commissar Yarrick
Lord Commissar
Primaris Psyker
HQ Command Squad (No, I don't have Creed/Kell)
Master of Ordnance
Officer of the Fleet
2x Bodyguards

2x Techpriest Engineseers (with 2 servitors total)
2x 10 man Stormtrooper (Kasrkin) Squads with gl/Fl

1x Infantry Platoon Command
2x 10 man Squads GL

1x Infantry Platoon Command
4x 10 man Squads GL

1x Infantry Platoon Command
4x 10 man Squads

2x Chimera Transports

3x Valkyrie Gunships

1x Leman Russ
2x Hvy Bolters
Las Cannon

1x Leman Russ
2x Plasma Cannon
Las Cannon

2x Plasma Cannon
Cmdr Pask

3x Basilisk

1x Baneblade w/4 sponsons
1x Stormlord w/extra armor (no sponsons)

Space Marine

Marneus Calgar
3x Honor Guard (with Banner)
1x Champion
Darnath Lysander
Chaplain in Term Armor
Librarian in Term Armor

Dreadnought MM/CCW
Chaplain DN (Forgeworld) Used as Venerable MM/CCW
1x 5 man Terminator Squad (3x chainfists, 1x cyclone missile)
1x 5 man Terminator Squad (1x Assault Cannon)

1x 10 man Tactical Squad (plasma gun/Plasma Cannon)
1x 10 man Tactical Squad (Missile Launcher/Flamer)
1x 10 man Tactical Squad (Missile Launcher/Flamer)

1x 10 man Assault Squad (2x plasma pistols/ Power fist/ss)
1x 5 man Assault Squad (1x plasma pistol/ Powerfist/SS)

3x Landspeeders (MM)

1x 5 man Devestator Squad (2xlascannon/1x MM/1xHvy Bolter)
1x Predator Annihilator
1x Land Raider w/Brother Sergeant Chronus

I do have other misc units (Brother Captain that I am converting to use a jump pack)/High Marshall Helbrecht that I will be using as an inquisitor/5 grey knight termies and brother captain Stern (all painted black, hence the Black Knight unit I use), 14 grey knights (same as termies) etc...

As my wife has made it perfectly clear I am not able to expand this impressive lot, I want opinions as to how make use of it. I am planning on lots of Planet Strike games (and apacolypse, lol)