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Master Bryss
02-24-2010, 12:34 PM

DISCLAIMER: Scribd sucks. It seems to have messed up my layout. If you don't download it as a Word document the presentation and tables are murdered.

The Codex can be found on Scribd by means of the Webway Gate here (http://www.scribd.com/doc/27398478/Angels-of-Secrecy-Codex)

Fluff is getting there, but that's because I generally focus more on rules than fluff, and so have worked less on it. Now, tear it to pieces.

EDIT: Codex version 14 is up!

Oberst Viktor Morte
02-24-2010, 01:50 PM
I've only briefly read over it, and here are a few initial thoughts:

The history seems as though it's a little rushed, but as you said, you've worked more on the rules than the fluff. I can understand this completely. Here's a few pointers on that:
Why does Bryss become Company Master for what he has done on Raxia VI? It seems like there would be some questions raised afterwords on how some of those Marines died. I would suggest that he was a Company Master even before this incident, and make it much larger. For instance, have his entire Company there. I'd also not have the Orks killed in miliseconds. That's a timeframe of *blink* whoops! I just missed all the Orks get killed.

I also think that it's not the best idea for him to just up and leave to establish a new base all on his own. You should either have them officially made into a new Chapter (Inquisition wouldn't be too happy either by a new unoffical one) or have them sneak away with arms and equipment. If this is to be the case, you should put some limit on their access to things like Dreadnaughts and Land Raiders.

Two more notes; first being that Sky seems to be this Deus Ex Machina sort of figure. As such, I'd suggest not putting her as a model in the army unless you're really intent on it. That would be like making stats for and then using the Nightbringer. Oh wait...

The one thing which I never quite got after looking briefly over it is why they have S3 T3 and I5? I may have just missed it somewhere, but I'd suggest that you give the reasoning for that in the history somewhere.

Oh, and I'd suggest also using the new Imperial Guard heavy weapon team rules due to their clarity and keeping with consistency to the real codices. I remember people not believing me when I stated that heavy weapon teams were based for convience and is not actually one model with two wounds. Ha.

Overall though, I really like the concept of the 'real' Marines and the fake ones used to fool the Inquisition, with the Chapter being very atypical and relying on other forces and methods to achieve their goals. I also think that it would be an interesting and fun codex to play against. I'm going to come back to this later and see what else I can dig up to try and help.

02-24-2010, 01:55 PM
Ok, the presentation is killing my ability to read it:

Blaze of Faith Skyhammer Melta-bombs Artificer Armour Frag and Krak Grenades Iron Halo

should be

Blaze of Faith, Skyhammer, Melta-bombs, Artificer Armour, Frag and Krak Grenades, Iron Halo

I thought it was the "Blaze of Faith Skyhammer" - when reading the description I was consused why his thunderhammer was a bolter...

Also, more paragraphing to clear up the blocks of text. I guess it's an artifact left over from converting from a table but the way you have multiple guys stats tied up together is impossible to read, ie:

Cost: 100 points WS Company Champion Apothecary Veteran 5 4 4 BS 4 4 4 S 3 3 3 T 3 3 3 W 1 1 1 I 5 5 5 A 2 2 2 Ld 9 9 9 Sv 3+ 3+ 3+


Multi-laser Multi-melta Orbital Bombardment Plasma Cannon

36” 24” X 36”

6 8 10 7

6 1 1 2

Heavy 3 Heavy 1 Ordnance 1, Barrage Heavy 1, Blast, Gets Hot! Rapid Fire, Gets Hot! Pistol, Gets Hot! Assault 2 Heavy 1, Sniper Heavy 2, Rending, Pinning Assault 2 Assault 2, Gets Hot! Ordnance 1, Barrage

Menzies Tank and Big Jim have a couple of good posts about fandexing and homebrew stuff (you may have already seen). Menzies in particular has some relevant points.



Ok, so I'm going to break down the background stuff:

Semper in Secretum!

To the unwitting it appears that the Angels of Secrecy are a loyal Codex Chapter, but this is merely a facade for the Chapter’s deviations. They shroud all their plans and doctrines in utmost secrecy, in order to prevent themselves from being destroyed by the Imperium they swore to protect.

Sounds pretty cool, though never having the deviation clearly spelt out or explained makes it somewhat frustrating.

Why collect Angels of Secrecy?

Although the Angels of Secrecy have many similarities to other Space Marine armies, they have subtle differences that make them a unique army to play. Their Marines are more fragile than that of other Chapters, and have shorter range basic weaponry, so more care needs to be taken of them. They are also incredibly diverse, as both Humans and Space Marines can be used together in the same list. Their weaponry is mostly the same as Space Marines, allowing them access to incredibly destructive weapons and wargear. The most important thing about Angels of Secrecy though, is deep down they remember, making them the most human of all Space Marines. As such, they can be more vulnerable than an Astartes, but at the same time more heroic and more accepted among the people.

I'd put some line breaks in here to make it more readable. I like the concept of normal humans and SMs - though given how pumped up the humans are it doesn't actually give that feeling, it's more Marines and Super Marines.

There are several canonical instances of hypno-trained marines remembering their past Deathwing and Space Marine chiefly amongst them. Also the Ultramarines Series has a few moments in it.

Index Astartes Chapter Name: Angels of Secrecy Chapter Master: Ufllbcan Bryss Founding: Sometime in M37 Homeworld: Raxia VI Battle Cry: Semper in Secretum! / Always in Secrecy!

All good here.

Background Beginning- The Raxia Incident.

Squad Zaelis, of the Dark Angels, supported by Scout Squad Merzael, first made planetfall on Raxia VI in a campaign against the vile Orks that held the planet. Sent to support Battle Sisters of the Red Rose Convent who had shrines there, they found the Battle Sisters in a state of desperation. Veteran Sergeant Bryss and his squad fought valiantly to protect the remaining Sisters, but eventually the last one fell.

Doesn't seem a particularly Dark Angely thing to do, given they hate and fear the Hereticus and their cronies. Also only 15 marines?

But as she fell, she ascended on wings of fire and blood, carrying an ornate spear in her hand, and she smote the remaining Orks in mere milliseconds. As she addressed the stunned Battle Brothers, she called herself Sky, Angel of Secrecy, and bade Bryss and his squad to follow her to eventual victory.

Fair enough, had canonical precedent.

Opinions within the squad were split; Bryss was convinced he had to follow her but his brothers rallied against the idea, certain that this was a vile Daemon of Tzeentch.

Puny battle brothers are experts at daemonology? I'd just make it 'a vile daemon'.

At this, Bryss armed his beloved combi-melta and immediately shot his chief dissenter.


His blood brother Scout Laryss rushed to his aid and the pair fled into the deep jungles, accompanied by Sky, who assured them their faith would be rewarded. Between the three of them they brutally slaughtered the entire Ork Warband, albeit after Sky had used holy might to clear the way of Boyz.

The others didn't persue them? Open fire on them? Call for backup? Also is that they slew the entire invading ork army, or just the nearby group?

After this heroic act, they faced their battle-brothers once more. Some of the original dissenters remained resolute, but others joined the blood-brothers.

I would have thought they'd open fire as soon as they returned, or have contacted their HQ / strike cruiser that Sarge has gone crazy.

This provoked a small heresy, and Bryss’ allies massacred the dissenters. It was agreed between the survivors that this would be kept a closely guarded secret.

Kinda works with the DA mindset, kinda not. Sure they have the secrecy aspect, but they also have the total loyalty to the Chapter's ideals - all of which feature the motif of overcoming adversity and hardship brought on by betrayal (even by ones brothers). Being DAs it would seem to me more likely that Sarge meltagunning a dude for arguing against him would cause the others to side with the dissenters rather than join him later.

No-one noticed Sky disappear into the shadows.

No one noticed the flaming angels dissapear?

Due to his immense heroics Bryss was promoted to the rank of Company Master, and Laryss made full Marine and Veteran Sergeant.

Wasn't Laryss a Scout? Or did you mean Scout Sgt? Also nobody noticed the dead marines were full of bolter holes and were meltagunned? Which company did he take over as there'd need to be a vacancy.

The Founding

Shortly afterwards the High Lords of Terra were petitioned by the Dark Angels to found a new Chapter of Space Marines to hunt the Fallen. As such, the Disciples of Caliban were created, but within the controversy this created, Azrael was petitioned himself by Bryss to mentor some of the Chapter.[quote]

Well the DAs didn't mention the reason for the petition - the strangeness was the request and it coming from the DAs who usually have little interaction with the Imperium.

[quote]The survivors of the Raxia Incident leapt at the chance to mentor a new Chapter, however when Bryss was presented with aspirants he declared he would use these aspirants to form another new Chapter.
Bryss became a Chapter Master, naming the Chapter the Angels of Secrecy, and took his recruits to Raxia VI to establish a base. For a bizarre secret reason, Bryss was not declared heretic by Azrael, which leads some to speculate that Azrael had been visited by Sky himself. They gained governance of Raxia VI, and later liberated the nearby planets from Orks, gaining governance of them all.

So the remains of one squad and some new recruits decide to form a chapter on their own? With what stock of geneseed? With what materials and such? Also if Raxia VI had Ecclesiarchial shrines worthy of Sororitas defending they wouldn't take to kindly to marines (especially Dark Angels) rocking up and taking over.

Azrael may not declare Bryss a heretic, but only the High Lords have the authority to declare a new founding, so they might. Additionally the Administratum would need to be on side to give them governance of the planet as that's who the governor reports to.

Second Meeting It was when the Angels were deployed to the Eastern Fringe that they encountered their Angel again. They fought against the Tau of Abys’Mal on the frontier world of New Dawning and heard that the Tau forces there were led by a flame-winged figure who had managed to surpass even the Ethereal Caste as a supreme leader, after the Ethereal was killed by a sniper. The Angels, led by Master Bryss, sought out this mighty general, and at last, Bryss and Sky met again. The battle was immediately abandoned, as Sky led Bryss to a secret location to discuss plans for the future. When Bryss returned to his brothers, he was a changed man. He explained in private to his brother what he had seen, and Laryss changed too. The pair, carrying the ornate spear Sky had bestowed to them, instructed the Chapter on new reforms. Laryss became High Governor of the Raxia System, a rank that surpassed even the 1st company Captain.

This is ok, but the Tau only had one Etheral? And it is very out of character of them to be led by any non-Tau force, especially a supernatural one. If Sky's nature was more explained it might make more sense. Maybe if they were fighting rebel humans who had overthrown their governor?

Bryss researched the Heresy-era implants older Dark Angels had used, with assistance from an Inquisitor, Cassius Remy, who it seems had also encountered Sky, and strengthened and modified them.

Well Dark Angels have one of the purest geneseed stocks available, possibly the purest (second only to Ultramarines, hurr) - it is a noted oddity that they aren't used to found more chapters due to this.

The result was that a typical Angel of Secrecy had all the power of a Space Marine, and also, due to Bryss’ abolition of hypno-doctrination, retained and recalled their original memories. In addition, some recruits were secretly taken from various places and trained as the Secret Guard, who guard the secret that is their very existence. It is suggested as least 100 such Guard exist, and they are said to be one of the most powerful secret armies in the entire Imperium.

I mentioned the hypno training before, but the last part is a bit confusing. What are they guarding? A place? Something about the chapter (like they go around killing people who ask too many questions)? Also if they're so secret who says they're so powerful ;)

Another thing that lept out at me:

The armour and weapons carried by Secret Guard make them resemble Grey Knights in appearance, a deliberate decision to make the Guard appear more intimidating.

Given 99.99999999% of people have never even heard of the Grey Knights, let alone seen them (including most marines), adopting their appearance wouldn't really intimidate anyone more than normal. Also if the Angels of Secrecy had encoutered the GKs they probably would have had their heretical heads smashed in.

Mindless Squad The beings known as the Mindless are created in order to avoid the Chapter’s true gene-seed from being discovered. They are recruited from young criminals from the Raxia system and from heretics who succumb to the Greater Good, and are given pure, uncorrupted Dark Angel geneseed saved by Bryss for such a practise. This allows the Mindless to stand and act like a normal Marine, which is exactly what the Administratum believe the entire Chapter is, as it is this geneseed that is submitted as a tithe. However, unlike regular Chapter members, the Mindless are hypno-doctrinated into becoming Imperial fanatics, who think of the Primarch and the Emperor and nothing else. This intensive therapy often damages their brain and so the reflexes of a Mindless are often slower than normal Marines.

I like this idea - keeping the geneseed around to trick the administratum is a very nice touch. Though if they are indoctrinated as 'true' marines why don't they turn on their own Chapter for being heretical?

Now I know it probably sounds like I'm dumping on it, but what I could make out looks very different and interesting (lower S & T vs higher I and such), but in all honesty it is just too hard to read the statblocks and special rules to really form any useful advice out of it.

Master Bryss
02-24-2010, 01:57 PM
Yay new critic!

One: The milliseconds is a placeholder until I write a proper battle up. Good point about making Bryss a CM though.

Two: I like the idea of them pinching things from the Disciples of Caliban. Good idea.

Three: I'm thinking of using Sky as the basis for an Apocalyse formation, but I'm keeping her there for convenience.

Four: Yeah, the idea is they're more like what Luther was, ie; shorter and not as tough.

Five: I don't like Heavy Weapons teams dying because one of them dies. It's really not very common sensy.

Six: I like the 'fake' marines thing too. It's my favourite concept of all the Chapter.

EDIT: Just saw Gotthammer's post. The fluff is indeed full of holes, I'd greatly appreciate suggested amendments.

Seven: I find massive spears being pointed at your head to be rather intimidating. Bryss made the decision on their looks, and he was around a long while before the founding, so we'll just assume he saw some back then, in his Dark Angel years.

Eight: Obviously the Mindless think their entire Chapter is completely flawless and perfect. The name does imply they're a bit thick.

Nine: (On who thinks the Guard are good): Bryss does, obviously.

Ten: Tau forces will be changed to make it more clear that it is Gue'La Tau Empire forces, not th actual goaty people.

Eleven: Scribd doesn't like tables I take it? Damn.

Twelve: I thought they were taught the Pantheon's names in tutoring engines? Or at least that's the impression I get from Space Wolf.

Thirteen: It's a lot easier to read as a PDF, I think.

Fourteen: Appreciated if I got a bit more covergae on the actual rules bitty.

Master Bryss
02-25-2010, 12:44 PM
New version up with revised fluff.

02-27-2010, 12:25 PM
My first impression Bryss, is that this is a WIP and you've got your work cut out for you editing the layout, grammar and composition.

Rules-wise nothing sticks out that much. Mostly it's a hodgepodge of existing codex rules and rules on RM. You'll have to go through the document with a fine-tooted comb to really dig out loops holes and poor wording. For example your "Protective Stance" rule is unnecessary since you could just make the unit a Retinue. Then just as with the Inquisitor entry form the WH or DH codecies the character loses his IC-status until the retinue is destroyed.

I would have bumped the regular secret marines up to WS 5 to represent their "dexterity and agility" and to help balance the loss of Strength and Toughness 4.

I'm also still not entirely certain why the regular humans in the list have a higher Initiative than usual. Is it augmentics? Or training? I'd like to see you add a Special Rule that explains this.

Master Bryss
02-27-2010, 12:34 PM
I've updated the book again modifying some things.

Atrotos, Raxian Guardsmen ARE I3, but I didn't change the unit entry when I changed the summary. That's fixed now.

I forgot that the Retinue rule would eliminate the need for the Protective Stance, so I'll later either get rid of it or make it do something different. Probably the latter though.

The only 'all-new' units are the Stormtroopers, the special characters, the Cleaver, the Secret Guard and the Dragoons, so I'd like to know how balanced they are, especially the Cleaver as it's a vehicle.

EDIT: The Protective Stance is now this:

Protective Stance: The sole charge of a Secret Guard is to protect their leader, and their fighting style is based on this. When fighting in combat, the Guard may fight normally, or defensively. If they fight defensively the entire squad gains +1T, but the Guard cannot use their Relic Blades, and strike at S3 allowing Armour Saves.

Oberst Viktor Morte
02-27-2010, 06:57 PM
I like how you've changed the history. It seems to be a lot more in the keeping with regular 40K fluff now. As per your 'all-new' units:

- The Secret Guard are too expensive, in my opinion. They're pretty beefy, especially if you can get them into close combat. However, I'd still only put them at 30pts or 35 at most.

- The Guardsmen are well... Guardsmen. I like the Load Me! special rule.

- I really like the Battle Tactics special rule for the Stormtroopers, or more specifically what they do. Right now though they're 16/17pts a piece, which is a single point more than regular Stormtroopers, but they get +1 WS and I, in addition to a better gun, TSKNF, and the neat Battle Tactics. I'd probably make them about 20pts a piece.

- Dragoons statline is covered up by the picture of the Dragoons. =P For the Psychic Tremor, I'd make it affect vehicles on a 3+ or 4+, rather than automatically. It's not going to do all that much against even Guardsmen, D6 S3 attacks, but it will prevent even a Land Raider from shooting the next turn? Maybe if you make it D6 S4 attacks and always hit on rear armour? Again, I think that they're too expensive, and 35-40pts a piece should be more than enough.

- Something seems off about the Cleaver. It really reminds me of a Malcador Heavy Tank:
That or a Conqueror, which has just about the same gun. 48" S7 AP4, Small blast. It stats that it's designed for taking out light vehicles, but it doesn't seem like it's designed for it at all. I think something more appropriate would be a quad Auto-cannon like gun, or perhaps something like a Twin-linked Assault Cannon. Hell, you could even make it somewhat like the Bradley and give it a Multi-laser or some other lighter gun like that, and then a rack of missiles which you could represent as a pintle-mounted Missile launcher or something like that.

I dunno, the four Heavy Bolters might be able to work. However, I think you'd have to have two sponson ones (that can be replaced with Heavy Flamers for free) and then a twin-linked one for the turret, which you could upgrade to a twin-linked Autocannon or Assault Cannon, with the missile rack sitting on the back. That could work. It helps when you can envision the model in your head. =P

Master Bryss
02-28-2010, 05:08 AM
Oberst, thank you for saying that. I was worried that putting the cost of the SG and Dragoons to Honour Guard levels would cause claims of overcosting. I'm relieved. Also, that picture is not a Dragoon. I intend to convert them, like all Secret Guard, using Grey Knights and adding jump packs.

Dragoons have the same base stats as Secret Guard though, with a 4+ armour save and T3.

Good point about the Tremor.

I never look at FW stuff that much so the Malcador's a bit of a surprise. My converted Cleaver is a reversed Russ chassis with modified battle cannon turret, two front heavy bolters and two side sponsons. Currently the front ones are two seperate, but I think I'll change them to one twin-linked one and give the tank more options.

The basic CBC is mainly for light vehicles, not the entire tank, so I'll rework that.

Also, is it OP to have the Hellfire Spread, and Hellfire Shells for all HBs at that points cost?

EDIT: New Cleaver has more weapon options and an S9 gun. The main anti-infantry role goes to a new modification of the Cleaver, the Recluse.

02-28-2010, 07:22 AM
Sorry, haven't had a chance to reply until now :)

I like the changes to the background, it covers all the issues I had with it and is much easier to read and follow the story.

As for units I had a few queries/comments:

I like the D'Angelus bolter - I think that stat bar should be the standard for bolters anyway.

The Secret Keeper Vets with jump packs could be very powerful as they can keep their special issue bolters, many of the shots of which are assault (is the Hellfire round entry still meant to be rapid fire?). I'd either bump the pack cost up a bit or make them not able to carry bolters if they take it.

The Stromtrooper's Feint rule is a bit off - its says they auto-rally due to ATSKNF, but that doesn't work if enemies are within 6", so they may still stay broken. Maybe that they must make the move directly away from the enemy they're shooting or a move that will take them further away from the closest enemy unit.

I think the Dragoon's tremor should only be 6". I don't really have a justification for this other than that feels more right to me. I think it might be due to them being able to automatically re-enter play the next turn after they take off.
Swooping Hawks have a similar ability but they still have to roll for reserves so the Dragoon's version seems more powerful to me.

The Assault Marine entry states one model may replace his D'Angelus bolter with a special weapon.

I like the options for the attack bike's weapon, it makes including them in the squad better with the wider variety.

I think the Devestator's sniper rifles should be +5pts. Scouts can replace them for free in the main codex, but they are BS3. Having power armoured, BS4 guys getting them for the same cost doesn't seem right to me.

On the subject of the new tanks, when the sponsons fire as one how is this affected by their very different arcs of fire? Also how do weapon destroyed results affect them.
My assumption is they count as one system when both can shoot (ie you can shoot both when moving 6", rather than one) and each is destroyed seperately.

The pricing of the hellfire spread is a bit tricky as it is better suited to fighting some armies more than others. It'd be great against Orks and Tyranids, but more limited against MEQs. That said I think you've got it right.

Master Bryss
02-28-2010, 07:42 AM
My thanks to you. With combined co-operation I can get rid of all the things I forgot to edit when I C+P'd the options list to save time.

I agree with the statement about the D'Angelus bolter, and that's why I did it.

Secret Keeper Veterans can't use Hellfire rounds, it says that in the entry, and no they are not meant to be rapid fire, well spotted.

I will alter the Feint, the Fallback is just so that they move the direction I intended them to go.

Making the Tremor 6" makes it much harder to use. If you feel its too powerful I'll change it to 6+D6".

Your assumption is correct. They can both shoot, with their normal arcs, but only 'count as' one gun, and are destroyed seperately.

Point taken about the BS4. I will put up the cost of a sniper rifle, however this will also apply to Scouts because they can be BS4 due to One or the Other. This will be in a future revision, along with some fluff on the actual Raxia system.

Master Bryss
03-05-2010, 01:57 PM
Along with the fluff in the next amendment, I will put the minimum size of a Scout Squad down to 3. This is mainly because of Scout Bikers being an add-on to the main Scout entry.

Tomorrow I playtest the following army list against the treacherous Eldar of 'Scape7:

Testing Auxiliaries-1504 points (Note: I HATE cloned units with a passion with the exception of Necrons)

High Governor Laryss

10 Secret Marines in a Rhino
10 Scouts- BS4, Marksman w/ stalker boltgun, sniper rifles
3 Scouts- on bikes
20 Raxian Guardsmen

5 Terminators- Sergeant has lightning claws, Tempest Missile Launcher
10 Raxian STs- Sarge has power sword, 2 Plasma Guns

Raxian Sentinel with Plasma Cannon


I'll let you know how it performs.

03-06-2010, 06:32 PM
Along with the fluff in the next amendment, I will put the minimum size of a Scout Squad down to 3. This is mainly because of Scout Bikers being an add-on to the main Scout entry.

Tomorrow I playtest the following army list against the treacherous Eldar of 'Scape7:

Testing Auxiliaries-1504 points (Note: I HATE cloned units with a passion with the exception of Necrons)

High Governor Laryss

10 Secret Marines in a Rhino
10 Scouts- BS4, Marksman w/ stalker boltgun, sniper rifles
3 Scouts- on bikes
20 Raxian Guardsmen

5 Terminators- Sergeant has lightning claws, Tempest Missile Launcher
10 Raxian STs- Sarge has power sword, 2 Plasma Guns

Raxian Sentinel with Plasma Cannon


I'll let you know how it performs.

Well? How'd it go?

Master Bryss
03-07-2010, 06:06 AM
I played an escalation campaign using 3 missions from the new book. Along with testing the army I also played with the possibility of making Ryssian the Swordbearer an IC.

Mobile Defence- 500 points

'Scape used a Farseer, Guardians, Avengers and a Vyper. I used Ryssian as an IC, 10 Secret Marines, 10 Scouts and a Rhino. The game ended in a draw. It became clear that T3 Scouts are really fragile as I only had one left at the end of the game! Because Secret Marines are basically Dire Avengers in power armour, I put Ryssian and a combat squad against ten Avengers and floored them with uncannily accurate shooting. However, they are still accurately costed.

All-Round Defence-1000 points

'Scape added Rangers, Scorpions and Fire Dragons in a Falcon to his army. I swapped Ryssian for Laryss and added 20 Raxian Guardsmen, a Raxian Sentinel, a Recluse and 3 Scout Bikers. I didn't keep anything in Reserve but he kept a lot in, so I basically decimated his forces as they came in. I couldn't gleam much from that battle.

Clash of Heroes- 1500 points

We changed the rules of this game so that his Exarchs, some of my Sergeants and the Recluse were all heroes. We nominated as Main Heroes Ryssian and the Avatar. The endgame dissolved into silliness so I'll say that was a draw too.

I played the Angels in a mobile fashion, as I knew that most of my units couldn't do static defence very well, and it gave me really good results.

In conclusion, the Angels are excellent as a fast surgical strike, like all Marines should. Hopefully I'll get another game in next week, against Chaos or Necrons, and then I'll test them as a static army. Hopefully they shouldn't do very well at all.

EDIT: Codex has been altered:

Ryssian can now be bought as an IC
Scout Squad minimum size changed to 3

03-17-2010, 03:26 AM
people I have played against the angels of secrecy. Like any other space marine they are annoying! But these ones are ALL dire avengers!!! Its a very good dex in my opinion. As long as your playing them...:D

Master Bryss
07-14-2010, 08:32 AM
Right then, I call upon the power of necromancy to revive this here project of Male Sis...Power Armoured Dire A...Angels of Secrecy. With the recent announcement of the Stellan revival and another custom 'Dex from a friend to fight against, I need the final tweakings on this list in order to fight with it. I'm trying to streamline it a tiny bit, create a proper army list bit at the back and lose some of the excess.

I will update the link on Page 1 when things start to work, but here's what I'm doing/have done;

Removed Raxian Sentinels
Merged the Cleaver and Recluse
Removed Command Squads to promote Secret Guard
Removed every non-Marine entry

In order to focus on the Chapter I've removed GEQ units, who will later gain their own minidex.

Read the current Codex if you can and let me know if these modifications are a good idea.

Master Bryss
07-18-2010, 10:05 AM
Had a 2000 point game against a friend's Custom Chapter Codex, the Storm Dragons, elemental magician styled Space Marines. With Feel No Pain to flamer weapons. There you go. I brought:


10 Secret Marines- flamer, powerfist. In a Rhino
10 Mindless with plasma gun and plasma cannon
10 Scouts- Sarge w/ Marksman and Stalker Boltgun. Scouts have sniper rifles, 1 missile launcher

7 Terminators w/ Tempest Missile Launcher (needs a new name, any ideas?)
10 Secret Keeper Veterans w/ D'Angelus bolters
Dreadnought in a Pod

6 Devastators, 3x missile launcher and one lascannon
Land Raider Redeemer with multi-melta
Heavy Razorback with TL lascannon

He had:

Typhon the Air Magister (evil combat jump pack guy)
Vulkan He'Stan (yes I told him not to do that...)

10 Sniper Scouts (like Scouts, with T5! Wtf? You can't be T5 in exchange for having WS and S2! Can you?)
10 Storm Marines with 2 meltaguns in a Rhino (essentially Tacticals)

10 Flame Vets with 1 flamer, 2 heavy flamers and power sword (all with Rending!) In a Pod with Vulkan.
5 TH/SS Termies that did nothing all game.

10 Cyclone Warriors, 2 with plasma pistols and Wind Blades (power weapons that grant furious charge)(their pistols were 18" range and all with JPs)

10 Devastators, 3x ML, 1 plasma cannon. In a Rhino

It was Kill Points Dawn of War. I lost 5-2. Man of the Match went to the Epistolary, who, thanks to having an I6 force weapon, killed Vullkan. Land Raider went up in smoke trying to escape the Tac squad...

Pointers are:

Apparently I should change Assassin skills so the Sarge gets one for free. He also said to lose the Marksman ability as it was too much like Telion (says guy who nicked Vulkan!). I won't pay any attention to that but probably will increase the Sarge's cost to have a Skill for free.

The aforementioned Cyclone Warriors dominated combats, and somehow got jump packs for free. They NEED a points increase.

Why on earth should he have T5 Scouts?

Apart from that he commented my army was well-balanced. But I think all his vets need a points increase. I mean, I had 43 guys, most of whom are T3. Somehow he gets 55 T4 guys and two characters! I shall wangle him into putting his 'Dex onto the net, as somehow I think democracy should work on him.