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05-19-2015, 03:45 AM
Im putting this here as we do not have dedicated battle report forums. Hopefully this thread will drum up some interest for infinity on BoLS as its a good game with a good community.
Here's a rundown of the main talking points of the game. It wont be a full batrep as I got excited and forgot to take pictures. But I will be chronicling my Battle reports for the next few months in this thread with little bits and pieces of story.

"The Contract has been finalised.

Your task is to infiltrate the armoury 471 at location 372.568 and obtain schematics of the new weaponry development under ALEPH supervision. ALEPH assets in the area pose an extreme tactical and political risk on the part of the company with regards to this operation. Therefore you have been assigned maximum force.

Standard life insurance and bonus company stock options apply."

We played the Armoury mission

My list was as follows:
Jotum (lt)
4x fusiliers (Hacker, paramedic)
Mulebot (minesweeper)
Nisse (HMG)

Group 2
Crocman (FO)

My opponents was:
Machaon (combi)
Myrmidon (BS)
Myrmidon (BS)
Myrmidon (CR)

Myrmidon (combi)
Myrmidon (combi)

ekdromoi (Hacker :side: )
Nesaie Alke (lt)
Thorakitai (Combi)
Thorakitai (Combi)
Agema Marksman (MSR)

So in a first for my PanO I actually won the Lt roll off, I elected to pick turns and my opponent chose the board edge he was on and to deploy second.

So here is the table with my deployment
seirra's view

My opponents deployment

My Crocman (hidden)

His Sniper (Prone)

I goofed here, I put the palbot inside the gate with the Jotu, a big mistake as the Jotum never had to open the gate and then my palbot was useless and unable to keep up with the Jotum. To alleviate this I compounded the problem by actually runnning the Machinist up to the support the Jotum itself....that kinda made him a prime target.

So first turn I ran the pathfinder up the left side of the table, FO'd my opponents HVT twice, then ran back round the corner nabbing an objective pt then ran back to my side. I moved the Jotum up to the door of the armoury. with the machinist next to it, I spent a lot of orders moving and re-miving including two command tokens because I didnt think things through before I started moving. (for example I moved my seirra up before I put up supportware meaning my hacker had to waste an order moving because I flubbed and moved out of hacking area)

But end of the turn this is where my stuff was.


Then my opponents sneaky drop troop crept in and spent 5 orders to walk around the long way and possess my TAG :( OH DEAR!!
but due to a lack of orders in his pool all my opponent was able to do was move it out of the doorway slightly, turn it around and blow up my seirra (should have used the HF to roast the machinist as well but nevermind.


He then ran the Myrmidons with BS inside the Armoury, and nabbed a booty crate giving him some pts. and shot my machinist through the gap moving the tag left

Start of my turn I burn one command token to un-possess my TAG, and one to move the crocman into the main group. Then my Nisse makes here pts back for the last 3 games where she died to crits first shot. Standing up and gunning down two Myrmidons and the drop troop in 3 orders (they were lined up behind each other so each blocked LOF for the ones behind.) then she ends the slaughter prone again.

Champion queen ***** of the universe there.

Jotum then burns out the last two Myrmidons in the Armoury, Crocman runs around the now clear route, pops inside, drops two mines. I end the Turn with fortress Jotum. the Big guy is in cover at the back door and the Crocman is a TO marker in the corner with 2 mines inside.....thats a LOT of hurt.


My opponents next turn goes south real fast. starved a little for orders now in each combat group he tries to take on the Jotum with phoenix, stepping out into the open (only way to get LOF with enough orders to shoot) and promptly eats a EXP round to the face, good bye chunky salsa.

Next its the Snipers turn, he gets up, moves to the edge of the building, gets down on the ledge with LOF to the Jotum, and BOOM! more EXP rounds to the face.

Last ditch to turn the slaughter my opponent pops his Lt out and in at the corner to try and get the Jotum with a spitfire.....we both crit so no dice.

Its now my turn, the Jotum is on 2 wounds (took one from the BS Myrmidons) but I decide that I have the armoury locked down, and we're playing for fun so I dont really need to try and get the other secret objective of mine (FO an enemy model) So I run the Jotum up the right flank in a hook motion mulching my opponents troops as I go (though the last three to like 4-5 HF shots to kill and they were all together.

Game ends with all my opponents dead at the feet of the Mighty Brick.

-Footage retreived from Aleph surveillance drone xii-45. All Aleph forces in the area we're eliminated preventing the positive identification of the assault team that raided Armoury 471, therefore legal retaliation is untenable. Recommend that the RnD operation 471-X be considered extremely compromised and the situation monitored for the immediate future.

06-19-2015, 02:56 PM
Nice little battle report - and it would be even nicer if all the minis were painted ;)

The luck seems to be a bit uneven. A possessed TAG is a horrible thing, not easy with fusiler hackers to get it back, the hard way.

06-19-2015, 04:01 PM
Nice little battle report - and it would be even nicer if all the minis were painted ;)

The luck seems to be a bit uneven. A possessed TAG is a horrible thing, not easy with fusiler hackers to get it back, the hard way.

working on it....

Yeah I dont even try to re-posses the tag through hacking, just burnt a command token

06-22-2015, 08:52 PM
So here’s the battle report for the grudge game I had against aleph last night, Was a brutal match with much anger, frustration and tears on either side, he had a bunch of annoying hackers nad I had a Jotum that he just couldn’t scratch. There we’re a few instances where we flubbed and missed things and in interests of a friendly game we re-did a few orders when we found out our master plans were unable to be completed.

So I give you Contract 471-X Part 2.

“Corporate this is Valeria.”

-Identification confirmed

“Miss Thorsdottir, this is Corporate”

“Tell Management that the analysts really ****ed up this time, their projections on ALEPH's likely response were way under target.

Whatever we took, Aleph wants it back, and badly, they have a major assault force approaching the holding facility and they have come equipped for a software smash and grab”

“Understood Ms Thorsdottir, rerouting available assets to you now, you have permission from Management to withdraw from the holding facility if the situation becomes untenable.”

“Understood Corporate, I'm taking The Anvil and the patrol force out to meet them, what assets do we have in the available area?”

“The Devils will be on overwatch if you need them. Corporate out”

So, grudge match time, I wasn’t going to run my tag, because my opponent would have been expecting it, but he asked if I could as he is still trying to figure out a way to take it down effectively.

We played the table quarters control mission.

So I came up with the following list as a change from what I ran last week, I thought it might do well, but I wasn’t entirely happy with the way it worked on the table. I think perhaps the fact that we played on a heavy jungle table (so lots of negative mods to hit and low burst) meant that I couldn’t really leverage the speed and heavy firepower of the bots and their drawbacks of low BS and fragility were what I noticed more in the game. But then again maybe I just can’t roll dice. I also think that I should have been more aggressive with the Jotum, burning out hackers with the HF rather than trying to kill them with my other tools first. Ah well, that’s learning I guess.


Jotum (lt)

4x Fusiliers (1xhacker, 1x Paramedic)



EVO repeater

Nisse (Paramedic)

Bulleteer (spitfire)



Akal (Boarding shotgun)

Seemed kind of cool with lots of spoiler units in the akal (coming down with +6 Ph on two orders) and the Bulleteer+Seirra combo seemed like it could really mess the opponent up, I was downgrading the Nisse though to do it, so that was a bit worrisome.

Heres the terrain we we’re using, we used rulebook set up for the trees, but also used our old N2 club rule where you can’t shoot through two lots of trees, we will probably remove that from now on, but even though the table seems open there was a HUGE amount of movement in this game as we both tried to position ourselves to leverage our perspective advantages without suffering from our opponents.


My opponent’s setup: Honestly can’t remember a lot of what he had, but you’ll get the idea (Lots of hackers though)



My deployment


He had a Missile launcher and phoenix covering the far right side of the board so my plan was to push up and around the right of the complex (or run through it with my rems)

Jotum goes down in reserve after he deploys a “Hidden” trooper somewhere.


I start by spending an order to move the bulleteer round the Jotum, the idea was to murder his naga (Hacker), then run up the flank and kill his Deva and bot in the corner (opening up a later drop area for the Akal) and depleting him of orders. I should have just walked up and flamed it from outside of hacker range, but oh well.

But no dice!

Burnt through way to many orders to kill the naga because I just couldn’t roll dice to save my life.


Next I ran the pathfinder up to try and reveal his nasty cammo tokens and hidden deployment; he revealed a daysis hacker and tried to kill my hacker through my repeater. I move the Jotum back with my last order away from the hackers.


In his turn he manages to immobilize my hacker through my repeater, then murders the poor pathfinder with phoenix.


He then runs his 6-6 repeater up into the building, and all the way through to my side.



EDIT: The rest will come as soon as the stupid server allows me to post without trying to put it into the same post and overload the image limit.....GGGGRRRRRR!

06-22-2015, 10:04 PM
My turn I move up with the nisse to attack the daysis, and the fusilier opens the door to the complex before killing the Rem inside.


Nisse manages to put a wound on the daysis but dies to the nanopulser thing (maybe I should have gone for the combi and range…. Sigh)

Then the akal tries to drop onto the roof of the complex so that he can leanout and shotgun the hacker to the face, but with +6 from the hacker and +3 from the EVO I roll a 19, he scatters way into the open and dies on the drop L )


I decide to grow a pair and start getting aggressive with the Jotum, it shrugs of a hack attack to burn the daysis and the other TO camo out before finishing in a commanding position midfield.


In my opponents turn he manages to immobilize (through a heap of orders) the Jotum and not really hurt it, despire repeatedly trying to kill it with phoenix. I then spoend my turn de-immobilizing the Jotum before moving towards the centre of the board for cover. Opponents asura makes a last ditch effort to get to the Jotum and failed.


Game ends in a draw with him earning 2 points first turn, us both earning 1 pt second and me earning 2 in the final round.

We didn’t bother counting VPs but I think given that I had only lost the Nisse, akal and the pathfinder at that stage, that I would have had the advantage there.

So we will be having another game at some point to settle this I guess.

“Corporate this is Valeria.”

-Identification confirmed

“Miss Thorsdottir, this is Corporate”

“I’m reporting that we were forced to evacuate the facility, the Aleph forces were advancing too thoroughly, however apart from the loss of the holding facility itself, loss of assets was minimal. Project 471-X was successfully removed and is on route to our own tech labs in our Neo Australis offices.

My department will be providing an escort for the asset and additional security for the tech labs.

Valeria out”