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08-05-2009, 01:36 PM
My tournament list started life 18 months ago ( aprox) on one of the platforms of Notingham train station. There waiting on that rainy night I contemplated. The Grand tournament had been fun but yet again I had not made the cut for the final so there on that dark and soggy plat form I vowed. I would go through to the final!

that train station probaby hold some sort of record for vowing and contemplating in our hobby, but I digress

What had gone wrong? well not everything.

my 5 wraithguard in their transport rocked a battle wagon, wave serpent, a squad and a half of terminators , a carnifex and a injured tyrant and 2 squads of guards men all fell to them. O.k. guard not so important but they were holding an important objective.

but hang on (mind wibbles back in time) during the match the tournament judge had come to our table to inform my opponent that he had been selected for one of the best armies. That was a great game because no matter what he was probably through. Infinite evil wah ha ha type laugh. I pull out all of my armies nasty little tricks and not feel guilty.

this did leave a ray of hope. There was a way through to round 2 with out involving my weakness. My weakness of rolling ones. Painting! wraith guard were in ( they took about 3 months with warlock, and latter won best painted squad at oxford streer).

What else was there well my worst defeat ( wiped from table over 7 turns on a random length that would not end) to a eldar player with 2 prism cannons that did for me.

If you can't beat them join them 2 prism cannons were in. Took right up to the next year to get them painted the second after a frantic week of 1 am ing, the first won me a carrying case at covent garden ( never hit the same store twice, I like the mysterious stranger just turning up out of nowhere thing)

back then there were no rumbilings but they will come.

jet bikes! all eldar armies had 3 jet bikes for grabbing objectives. They must be in. No prizes yet but they will come I'm sure.

no rumblings. Cron players you know what I'm talking about, you guys were at that tournament in force!

Still needed another troops Dire adengers were high rated after new codex after learning the power of blade storm, guide, doom combo my Hq was to be a farseer. my mind turned to the nid game. where he found him self on the sacrafice flank and not fast enough to get away.

my seer was to have a bike ( T4, 3+ armour seemed like a good way of protecting him.) but not just any bike a special bike befitting him. several chpped up models and month of painting latter he was added.

the rumbings then transpired 40 k was to change to 5th ed.

true line of sight was the death knell of 3 jet bike but I was stuck with them. Only solution take 2 more to make them workable unit lead them with farseer.

quins and indestructable falcs and prisms which were no brainers before became more tricky.

so a year latter with 1000 fantasticly painted modles ( and 500 stand in ok modles of who we do not speak) again I find my self on Notingham station contemplating again.

I learnt that dire advengers were either advoided or blasted apart from afar. the once new codex was old hat by now. opponents had learnt. my advengers needed a transport.

a way of shifting opponents off objectives were needed so banshee ( boosted by doom) were in.

But at the tournament there were further rumblings. 40k was now faster. armies would go up to to 1750pt. I was bothered by this to go ask the person in charge. He told me the truth. Yet for some reason I went for the rumblings.

I perfected my 1750 list. over time with a lot of trial and error.

then the white dwarf advert 1500pt for 40k

so my list stands as painted ( and not going to be changed any time soon)

5 wraith guard warlock
5 jetbikes with shuriken
10 dire advengers exarch shimmer sheild
2 prism cannons with holofeilds

on painting table

wave serpent spirit stone, shuriken catapult.
7 banshee including exarch with executioner


3 more wave serpents ( my god thats a hell of lot of painting)

splitting my dire advengers into 2 squads

downgrading my farseer to a warlock with destructor

giving my wraith warlock destructor

a farseer with doom and runes of warding

this leaves 100 pts witch leaves 4 options

1) a well equiped autarch
2) some upgraded guns 2 bright lances
3) more dire advengers
4) upgrade farseer

thoughts please

Dave l

it wa

08-05-2009, 05:43 PM
Fire Dragons, dear god Fire Dragons. 5th is all about the melta, you need it bad.

I would drop the Wraithguard altogether, they don't hold objectives, cost an arm and a leg, and don't really do anything Fire Dragons can't do better. After that, more Avengers, Rangers to hold your home objective, and an Autarch in case you want to go into reserve.

Herald of Nurgle
08-06-2009, 10:15 AM
I'm sorry, but what's the actual list?

I'd go for an Autarch based upon my own Eldar force. On the other hand, why not a different squad? Fire Dragons provide some more Anti-Mech, whereas you could have Howling Banshees to tear some of those damned Guardsmen apart...
Or would you rather take Scorpions to overwhelm their dice and have a 3+ Save?

But yeah - list would help plx