View Full Version : PSC British Cruiser Tank Update

01-22-2016, 10:26 AM
Hi there,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on our 15mm and 1/72 British cruiser tanks.

Our 15mm British A9/A10 cruiser tank is now available as a reinforcement sprue and is also available as part of our popular company box set deal.

The reinforcement sprue consists of 1x 15mm A9/A10 British cruiser tank and includes European and desert options.

The company deal consists of 3x 15mm A9/A10 British cruiser tank box sets and will save you an amazing 12.00 GBP from buying these boxes individually.

Model Number: R15028
Reinforcement British A9/A10 Cruiser Tank RRP: 5.50 GBP

Model Number: D15038
15mm British A9/A10 Cruiser Tank Company Deal RRP: 46.50 GBP


Due to a minor delay at the factory we are now expecting to receive the long awaited 1/72 A9 Cruiser Tank next week and hope to start shipping from Friday 29th.

Best Wishes


The Plastic Soldier Company