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08-09-2009, 03:22 PM
My local event organizer is holding a simple 1000 point tournament the Wednesday after next. I have been deliberating about what kind of list I want to make with the models I have available, and came up with this list.

The underlying idea is to have a lot of indirect-firing weaponry. The tables used at the last game night were 5'5', instead of standard 4x6, which made weapon ranges factor in more. I wanted to use a pair of Griffons, as they are fairly cheap and can lay down two large blast templates up to 48 inches pretty accurately. They are enclosed, because I am concerned about playing other guard players (of which there are two that I know of at the local scene) commencing counter-battery fire with artillery of their own, or flanking them. That, and I had an extra 30 points, and it was either a Master of Ordinance or enclosed crew compartments.


CCS- with Vox, Regimental Standard, Missile Launcher Team, CO with Powersword
Mounted in Chimera with a dozerblade, a hull flamer, and a pintile stubber.


Infantry Platoon- PCS has vox, 2 flamers, and Krak grenades. Squads 1 and 2 both have Vox. There is also a Mortar team attached.

Veteran Squad 1- 3x Meltaguns, Carapace

Veteran Squad 2, 3x Grenade Launchers, Carapace


Leman Russ Battle Tank- Lascannon, Pintile Stubber, Dozer Blade

Ordinance Battery, 2 Griffons- Enclosed Crew Compartments

1000 points.

I find it very hard to fit in everything I want at 1000 points, but that is the list size this time. It also sucks only having a single chimera and a single russ, but there isn't much I can do about that with this event being just over a week away. Any suggestions? I will try to take them all into account, but my Guard army is pretty new so I don't have a lot of the models just yet.

Some options I threw around:
Armored sentinel with lascannon: 70 points, with options for smoke launchers or HK missile for + points

Master of Ordinance: Throwing down a large ord. template for that cheap was tempting. Couldn't I just pillbox him in the Chimera anyway?

Weapon options: I still have models for 2 plasmagunners, 1 grenade launcher, 1 sniper, and +voxes. I didn't really want to shove them in anywhere where they would cost points from other units.

Griffons: Enclosed crews a waste of points?

Chimera: Was putting the command squad in the 'mera the most effective use of it, or would mounting the melta-vets in it be better? I could then switch out their Carapace for Demolitions doctrines. They only have carapace because I thought that way they would actually reach the enemy armor...

Special Characters: Creed, Straken, Pask? I have models for these three but thought the point limit for the list was a little too low to include any SCs.

I'd love some detailed feedback. Thanks for looking.

Skitter Leap
08-09-2009, 03:50 PM
If you want to go ordinance heavy then go all out. Get rid of the Enclosed Crew Compartments for the Master of Ordinance.

Giving the melta Vets the chimera I would say is wise so you have some sort of mobility to take objectives and the help those meltas get in range.