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05-25-2010, 11:16 AM
Just got back from San Antonio. These guys put on a great 5 round
tournament this weekend. They were real lax about letting folks
finish their games, and most people seem to have gotten in the full
game, or were allowed to get in at least 5 rounds in every round.

I will give you guys a quick recap of my battles and how things went.
First, I run a nid army with Doom. I tried to be very helpful and
explain to my opponents before the match exactly how this unit works.
No one had a problem with it.

Game 1

I draw Jwolf!!! from BOLS.net. Wow, I heard this guy really knows
what he is doing. He eventually took 3rd in the tournament. He is
running a Korne beserker army with some jump pack support, Everyone is
in Rhino's with a defiler and 2 obliterators as long range support.

The game was 5 objectives. I decide to drop all my spore pods empty
except for the doom. I was able to use the pods very effectively to
cut off lanes for his Rhino's. Turn 3, I drop in the doom on his main
squads. He manages to make most of his leadership tests and neutered
the unit very well. We have a huge scrum in the middle of the field.
He manages to wipe out most of my units but because of well placed
pods, he is unable to secure many objectives. I was able to make a
final charge up the hill and push him off of the center objective with
a Trygon Prime. He can't reach my Tervigon sitting in the back with 4
wounds to knock him off.

We end up with a draw, each holding 1 objective and the other 3
sitting there empty.

Game 2

This time I draw mechanized vanilla marines with 1 drop pod, a land
raider redeemer with Khan, and terminators. This one is capture and

I reserve everything except for the tervigon. he rushes the land
raider and his pod forward, and I roll very badly for reserves. I
mean to drop my pods in empty, but I forgot to declare it before the
mission and my opponent calls me on it. He has every right to do
this, but I still feel a little aggravated, mostly due to my own

Now my units are slightly scattered and he is able to gun huge chunks
of bugs down. I drop the doom into his objective and I managed to
wipe out his entire rear army. Its not enough to do anything more
than contest though.
I try and counter assault Khan with 2 trygon prime's and he manages
6's to wound on both occasions, and insta kills both trygon prime's.

I still manage to make a desperation move in turn 5 and teleport the
deathleaper right on top of my objective. his marines in the pod
(only 2 left at this point, manage a lucky shot with a melta, and my
3+ cover can't save me.

Game ends in a loss for me.

Game 3

Now for something new. I draw a blood angels player with an all jump
pack army. He has 2 baal predators and a predator with lascannon
loadout and a Librian dreadnought with wings. This mission is
killpoints and right off the bat I know I am in trouble because his
entire army only cedes 7 kill points I have 16 because of the pods.
My only advantage is that we have dawn of war deployment. Right away
I use my deathleaper to reduce the librian's leadership to 7.

Right away he throws a 14 man deathcompany unit right into the middle
of the field. I get a charge off in turn 2 with 20 hormagaunts and
manage to wipe out 7 deathcompany. He then squashes my bugs. The
baal predators really managed to chew me up in this game with the
assault cannons. I am then able to finally start blocking off his
tank's LOS with my pods, and my zoanthropes manage a few lucky shots
and wipe out 2 tanks. My hive tyrant goes toe to toe with the
librarian, and even though he can't cast anything due to his low
leadership, he turns out to be just tough enough to get reinforcements
and they were able to crush my Tyrant. My acid blood though glances
his already immobile Librarian and kills him. This game was a real
blood bath. At the end, he has 4 assault marines left alive, his
predator with no guns, and atrogrim. I am left with my tervigon with
1 wound locked in combat with his assault squad.

Game ends in a loss for me, 5 kill points to 12 for him.

That was the end of day 1. Time to drink and party on the River
Walk. I am well aware that I have no shot at placing at this stage
of the game, and will have work my way through the lower ranked
opponents on day 2.

Game 4

Another capture and control game. I draw a foot slogging army this
time of Orks. 134 Orks to be percice. This guy runs 4 squads of 30
ork boys, he has a big squad of lootas, 2 mek boyz, one with a zapp
gun, and other with a kustom force field. His boyz are screened by 3
squadrons of killa kans and 2 deff dreads. I use the deathleaper to
reduce his Loota's leadership to 5. This will play out later.

He immediately begins the game by marching everyone up. 30 minutes
later its my turn. My doom comes down right on top of the loota's.
They, of course fail their leadership by loads, run off the table, and
my doom now has 10 wounds. I immediately turn around and put a str 10
AP1 shot into his main deff dread's back and blow him up. My
opponent's shoulders slump right after that. The game is a total
rout. I manage to kill all 134 orks in 4 turns. My tervigon poops
out a record 36 termagaunts before rolling doubles in turn 4. Good
thing I brought 48 of them.

Game 5.

Objective based game again. 4 Objectives. This time I draw space
wolves. I am not sure why but this is the first time I have played
them in a tournament. My opponent brings a rune priest and wolf lord,
and has a huge squad of long fangs and 2 vindicators and a sniper
team. He also had tons of elite's in rhino's. I use the deathleaper
to reduce his rune priest leadership to 7. This game was never really
close. turn 1, I put all of my gaunts into cover and go to ground. He
pounds my termagaunts all game with vindicator pie plates, but the 3+
cover saves me. I drop my doom right into his long fangs, he then
walks his terminators onto the board with the wolf lord, and fights my
doom for 4 turns and can't manage to kill him. I finally walk over a
trygon prime and finish off his defense. At the end of the game he
has plenty of marines on the board, but no objectives in his hands.
he makes a daring push at the end and assaults my gaunts with 20+
marines. the amount of dice rolled is staggering. doesn't matter
though because the deathleaper assaults into what he thought was a
safe objective for him on the other side of the table and contests.

Final score, victory with 3 objectives secured, 1 contested.

Again, this was an awesome tournament. There were 32 players
present. that's a good turn out for their first year. I hope to see
more Dallas representation next year.

Here is my list


HT w/ wings, scything talons, BS/LW, acid blood, Hive commander, Toxic Miasma, paroxysm, psyhic scream - 285

tyranid prime w/ regeneration - 90


Doom of malanati with pod - 130

Zoanthrope x 3 w/pod - 260 (run with tyranid prime)

Deathleaper - 140


Hormagaunt x20 w/ pod and adrenal glands - 200

Hormagaunt x20 w/ pod and adrenal glands - 200

Termagaunts x 10 - 50

Tervigon w/ adrenal glands, onslaught - 185

Heavy support:

Trygon Prime w/ adrenal glands - 250

Trygon prime w/ adrenal glands - 250

05-26-2010, 12:43 AM
Just a quick note about the blood angels game, but his Librarian Dread doesn't actually have a leadership score, it just counts as having one of 10 for the purposes of leadership test like phsycic tests and phsycic hood. In which case you couldn't reduce the leadership on it with your death leaper. Not your fault as you probably didn't know that and he should have pointed it out, but just a note for the future.

Otherwise nice reports :)

05-26-2010, 07:58 AM
Nice call out. I also ****ed it up on the Ork game as I can't actually reduce the leadership of the loota's. I had to pick a specific character.

05-26-2010, 07:22 PM
I didn't see you mention what the points level was for the tournament, so I added up your list and came to 2120. Now I am confused. Was it 2000, 2250, or 2500? Yours isn't really close to any of those!?!?

05-27-2010, 08:14 AM
sorry, it was 2K, but I if you added up all the points, you are probably adding the tyranid prime twice. He's included in the 260 points for the zoanthropes.

05-27-2010, 12:10 PM
It's still coming out wrong. 3 zoanthropes in a pod with attached prime w/ regeneration is 310 points. Still a good chunk over the 2k limit. Most players would be alright with 5, maybe 10 points over, but 80 points over is enough for another entire unit of something!!!

05-27-2010, 02:03 PM
Ok, got home and opened up army builder. I was listing the hormagaunts wrong. with the pod they were actually 200 points each, not 240

Thats 20x = 8 points a piece or 160 points
20x adrenal glands = 40 more points
1 x pod = 40 more points

Sorry for the confusion and nice catch. It should add up to 2000 now.