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10-10-2016, 08:48 PM
Warhammer 40,000 Custom Redux

Here is the last edition of Warhammer 40,000 you will need. It is a renovated ruleset, completely playable as is without need to refer to any other sources. It takes the best rules from the past and present and polishes them up with several new additions.
Custom Redux is for all who want a more competitive game suitable for pick up games and tournaments. It is for people who want faster games that have more depth and make more sense.

Blog:Warhammer 40,000 Custom Redux (https://customredux.blogspot.com/)

Rules: Custom Redux Rules (https://customredux.blogspot.com/p/warhammer-40000-custom-redux-rules.html)


Streamlined Pre-game: Less random tables are needed before starting a game. No more random Warlord Traits or Psykers who forget Powers between battles.

Abstracted Line of Sight: Line of Sight has returned to its roots no more peeking through pinholes in walls or having to take hedges for cover instead of trees. Cover can now be representative instead of having to be absolute. This allows for a much greater variety of terrain pieces to be effective.

Rebalanced Phases: Now all phases of the game can make or break an army. Mobility, Range, and Melee are all now very important factors. Run moves can now officially be made as an addition to normal movement in the Movement phase. Unengaged models may still fire their weapons instead of standing around even if their unit is locked in combat. You should now have less trouble getting into the assault thanks to assaults out of Deepstrike, Outflank, and stationary Transports. Winning an assault is now a much more rewarding process as they may then consolidate much farther or even launch another charge.

Selective Overwatch: Overwatch now only comes up if you ready a unit to receive charge by not firing in the shooting phase or during special circumstances such as Charges out of Reserves or Charges during Consolidation. It can also be much more powerful as giving up a unit's Shooting phase allows them to fire at Full Ballistic Skill instead of wasting time hoping for 6's.

Resilient Vehicles: Vehicles make a triumphant return with a new Vehicle Damage table and being able survive having zero hull points. Vehicle Ramming is now a deadly option and Walkers have been given their own version of the Tank Shock. Pintle-mounted weapons may now fulfill their roll by firing Overwatch.

Down to Earth Flyers: Flyers have been brought in much closer to the rest of the table. Now they can be assaulted by Jump and Jet Pack units as well as only halving a unit's Ballistic Skill instead of Snapshots. Flyers may also now initiate Dog-fights in order to bring down Jinking opponents. Finally Fighter Aces and Special Manouevres make a return.

Potent Psykers: No more Psychic phase or random powers, instead all powers have been rebalanced to be roughly equal. Psykers now work much like they used to simply needing to pass a leadership test. The best aspects from the last edition have been carried over, blessings can now be denied and without having to spend Warp Charges. Psykers trying to use Mastery Level 2 or higher powers also risk having to roll on the new Warp Calamity Table should they peril.

Interactive Buildings: Buildings are now a much more interactive component of the battlefield. They may now be breached, invaded, and even completely leveled. Ruins can give way to craters with enough firepower. It's also now easier to make your own buildings with rules and guidelines.

A Return to Limitations: The Force Organisation Chart has now been fully restored. No more cookie cutter formations and Allies have been reigned in with new limitations and disadvantages. Super Heavies and Gargantuans have been pushed back into their rightful place, Apocalypse.

Reworked Missions: Missions have been redone from the ground up to allow victory through objectives or simply wiping out your opponent. They are now much less random and should greatly ease Tournament play.

Optional Rules: Everything from Mysterious Objectives to a new Alternating Turn Structure can implemented to customize your experience.

Custom Redux Codexes: All new Codexes tailored for the new core rules and incorporating all new units and units that haven't been seen in years. Each Codex is a self contained Army List with everything needed to play.

And much much more: All of the changes are too numerous to list in a single post, but have a look yourself and you'll find that their isn't a detail that hasn't been put under the spotlight.

Current State of Custom Redux:
Core Ruleset: Finished. Some sections are a little rough and may be subject to change. Needs critique and playtesting.

Codex Sisters of Battle: Finished. Needs playtesting. Codex subject to change to fit with the Core Ruleset.

Dataslate Assassins: Finished. Needs playtesting, but pretty solid.

Dataslate Imperialis: Finished. Needs playtesting, but pretty solid.

Future Codexes: The next Codex will likely be one of the more popular Armies. Armies that are currently in a great amount of Flux will come later (Ad Mech, Inquisition, Tyranids).

I would like to get feedback on what is sure to be a game changer. Let me know if you would like to contribute to the project here or on the Blog.