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08-11-2009, 07:43 AM
HQ: Ghazghkull Thraka-225
Mad Dok Grotsnik-160
Elite: Kommandos x15- Rokkit launcha x2- Boss Snikrot-255
Troops: Meganobz x8- Cybork bodies x8 -360
Battlewagon - Deff rolla - Grot Riggers - Armor plates - Red paint -130
Ork Boyz x20- ‘Ard Boyz x20- Nob - Power Klaw - Bosspole -240
Ork Boyz x20- Nob - Power Klaw - Bosspole -160
Ork Boyz x20- Nob - Power Klaw - Bosspole -160
F.A: Stormboyz x20- Boss Zagstruk -325
Deffkopta - T.L. Rokkit launcha -45
Deffkopta - T.L. Rokkit launcha -45
H.S: Battlewagon - Deff rolla - Grot Riggers - Armor plates - Red paint -130
Battlewagon - Deff rolla - Grot Riggers - Armor plates - Red paint -130
Battlewagon - Deff rolla - Grot Riggers - Armor plates - Red paint -130

So I wanted to make a unit that is tougher than nob bikerz, so i figured 8 Meganobz, Ghazghkull, and Grotsnik would make a brutal combo.

Since Armor seems to be the name of the game, everyone gets to ride in a Battlewagon, tooled up to get the boyz into combat (and run some guys over on the way!)

the DeffKoptas, Stormboyz, and Kommandos are all for that unexpected factor, Deep striking assaultin 20 Orks, Assaulting 15 Orks a Gauranteed 18" from any board edge on Ghazghkull's Waaagh turn, and Deffkoptas for unexpected Rear and Side armor Rokkit Shots.

So i made this list for 'Ard boyz, but couldn't attend this year. How do you think it would have held up?
Any Comments are welcome!

08-11-2009, 08:18 AM
Considering the competition at 'Ard Boyz (Drop Crons = lol) this list should have done fine.

Battlewagons run into a lot of problems with real armor hunting weapons and no KFF. Open-topped and a very narrow model make side shots on AV12 very easy. And meltas of any sort just demolish them. If you run mech, a KFF is mandatory. Also, you at least need a big shoota on them to prevent getting immobilized. Grabba Klaws and Boardin' Planks are also handy when you really don't want to run 20 models out to try smashing a Land Raider open.

Zagstruk is a joke, don't bother with Stormboyz really. People bring the DS defense like crazy nowadays, and dropping a cluster of infantry in pie plate formation rarely works out well. Boyz in Trukks or Buggies with big shootas or rokkits would help a lot more. They're cheap, speedy, block movement, and put out a ton of dakka.

Kommandoz should be fun, but pick up Burnaz over rokkits for fightyness, don't fool yourself into thinking they will blow up armor at range.

I don't think you need Grotsnik. The only thing Meganobs fear are armor ignoring in combat and AP2, with a KFF AP2 isn't as bad and in such numbers even power weapons won't worry them. Just add a couple kombi-weapons for wound allocation and how awesome Skorchas are.

Needs more sacrificial units, needs more ways to knock out transports, and needs a KFF.

08-12-2009, 10:54 AM
Thanks for the input, i would agree that a KFF is needed. but i don't see how Zagstrukk and the stormboys could possibly do bad, being able to assault the turn they deepstrike, or at least run to break the pie plate formation. I never thought about boarding planks and grabbin klaws, sounds hectic and fun. definatly agree with the big shootas on the wagons though, good point.

08-12-2009, 08:04 PM
Your list is close to a reallly really good one (+/- minor details):

10 nobz with painboy, cybork bodies, max on clawz and huge choppas, truk
5 meganobz, truk
20 Stormboyz with clawz
30 boyz with big shootas and clawz
30 boyz with big shootas and clawz
3 squadrons of 3 Kans each with clawz and rockets or flamers or twin linked big shootas (9 total!!!!)
5 Lootas
5 Deffkoptas with buzz and bombs

This is a great list if you know how to use it.

08-12-2009, 08:17 PM
Problem with the Storm Boyz is that they have to land on target, all 20 of them and if they get to charge something, it dies horribly and they're stuck in the open to get gunned down. It's the same problem with Vanguard, they're an expensive 1 hit wonder.

@Ming: You're trusting your army's mobility in 2 AV10 open-topped vehicles. Kanz aren't hard to pick off, only 60 boyz aren't difficult to gun down or avoid, Buzzklaws and Bomms are overpriced and meh on Koptaz (max S7) and 5 Lootas aren't doing anything. It's not that great a list, unless you go up against assaulty Tau or something silly like that.