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07-25-2009, 11:10 PM
As the first poster in this sub-forum, I'd just like to state for the record that epic armageddon is one of the best games GW has. Awesome rules, lots of tactics and strategy, and there's nothing quite like really a really good table with terrain at that scale.
My guard are always up for a battle.


07-27-2009, 05:25 PM
Epic IS awesome.

I have a Space Marine army and I’m working on an Ork army (“working on” sounds like it’s currently not sitting in a box in a closet).

I think Jervis has the ability to create a balanced yet elegant system as is evedent in this game, Blood Bowl and 40k 5th edition.

It’s too bad we won’t be getting anything new for the game. Perhaps one day GW will re-visit the game and produce everything in plastic. It’s cheap enough now for them to do it. The problem would be convincing all the kids that need to have an Epic version of their 40k army to really be cool. I think they could (should) do it.


07-27-2009, 07:42 PM
Wouldn't then Epic be epic? :)

Epic was the first GW game I played. Wait, except for Space Hulk. Epic was the first GW game that I collected models for. Alas, those are long gone since it seems like there's never anyone to play.

07-28-2009, 03:29 AM
I am more than willing to play Epic, Jim. I just don't have any models for it -- as in, none.

In fact, while I was researching my "non-computer hobby" I stumbled upon the old Specialist Games website and was fascinated by the idea and the scale of Epic, and really wanted to get into it...

...but I quickly discovered that 40K was...well, not the ONLY game in town, certainly, but pretty much the only "version" of Epic that was being played by a big enough base of people...and so I went with that.

I guess what I"m trying to say is, I'd love to throw down some Epic. I'll even go on some Ebay/Bartertown binge if I need to get some models to get crankin' on. They're relatively cheap compared to outfitting an entire 40K/WFB army...oh, then there's the titans, all those glorious, glorious titans -- yeah, I'd be so in if there's some Epic-ness to be found.

07-28-2009, 11:29 PM
Hi there! Good to see some action here in the Epic Lounge. :)

For those of you posting that you're interested in Epic, but having difficulty starting out or finding players, I wrote a post aimed at just you peeps not so long ago. You'll find it here:


Hope that helps. :)

07-29-2009, 08:09 AM
I am more than willing to play Epic, Jim. I just don't have any models for it -- as in, none.

...but I quickly discovered that 40K was...well, not the ONLY game in town, certainly, but pretty much the only "version" of Epic that was being played by a big enough base of people...and so I went with that.

I'm in the same boat. Oh, wait, I have 2 old school wedge Falcons that I use as markers for map-based campaigns.

I won't be starting any new games/armies until 2010, and only then if I finish my Orks and/or Novamarines. Gotta clear out my unpainted armada.

07-29-2009, 08:02 PM
DISCLAIMER: I came to the hobby during the release of Epic 40,000 in 1997. That box set and its rules were my first exposure to Epic (and to GW in general). So my bias is VERY strong in that direction.

What I like about Epic: Armageddon:
-The rules are fantastic.
-The rules are free.
-The gameplay is very strategic.
-The victory conditions fit the game extremely well.

What I dislike about it:
-It's been abandoned by GW. All other negative points spring from this single problem.
-It suffers from LINUX-itis... it's NEVER a finished product It's great to see how many players have taken over the system, pouring hours of their own time into creating and playtesting various army lists. But when it comes right down to it, this:
is FAR more intimidating and confusing to newcomers than this:
-It will never be able to include all the models produced for Epic since 1989

If you want to get into a game where you'll be able to find existing players, E:A is definitely your best bet. If you want to play tournaments, E:A is perfect. But if you just want a game to play with a buddy or two, and you want to slap together a very cheap and unrestricted army from eBay auctions, try to get your hands on the Epic: 40,000 rules (or the Battle Bible, which is still floating around the internet). They really are fun to play, if you just want a fast and free-flowing system that doesn't concern itself with the exact armaments of every tank and troop.

I play both systems about equally right now. But my preference is still a slightly-houseruled Epic 40k.

07-31-2009, 05:30 PM
Epic is my favorite game by games workshop. Units in epic seem to behave in ways that you would expect them to on a battlefield and that is something that I really appreciate. I'm the kind of person who likes to watch the military channel all day long and read books about guys like Rommel and Guderian so having a game that allows me to maneuver tanks and mass ranks of infantry, command air fleets and even titans is the greatest thing ever!

I can't believe the amount of times I've lost 40k games because I was thinking in terms of how something would behave in a real battle, in epic you are rewarded for such thought, or at least as much as one can be rewarded in a game of chucking dice.

Epic is a game that requires real tactical prowess and I'm very glad to live so close to the LA battle bunker where there is an excellent, thriving epic community. If you're on the fence about epic definitely, definitely try it out. And if you're anywhere near the LA bunker come by on the last saturday of the month and try out a few games with us. You won't regret it!