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07-12-2010, 01:34 AM
Slann- focus of mystery, the focused rumination, divine plaque of protection lore of life= 355
Old blood- sword of swift slaying, armour of destiny, mask of EEE! =245
Scar vet- BSB, crown of command, light armour =150
Gor rok = 215
Scar vet- sword of hornet, glittering scales, light armour, shield =143
Warriorsx38- command =448
Warriorsx38- command =448
Stegadon =235
Stegadon =235
Chameleonsx7 =84
Total= 2,498

ok the slann has a 2 vs ranged so he hides solo.
the old blood and BSB are in one unit.
gor rok and scar vet are in the other.
both warriors are stubborn so that holds like a anvil.
the stegadons move to support but can move and shot a bolt thrower which is nice. it is warmachine for lizards so.
the chameleons scout turn and i hope i get turn one and shot after marching to kill war machines.
it is a small army but the hammer n anvil are here so

tell me what you think any ideas are good with hold no advise.

07-12-2010, 01:43 AM
sorry i posted here i moved it sorry and ty.