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Master Bryss
07-12-2010, 09:23 AM
It has been a while, but we return with another Battle Report for you. As my gaming table is currently in a hard-to-reach location, I didn’t bother with pictures, you will receive some fluff instead. Although this battle was only 850 points, that by no means makes it a terrible fight, as you will see.

DISCLAIMER: This BatRep was done purely for fun. We don’t care if our tactics aren’t as well thought out as some people may like and don’t get me started on the lack of Dark Lances in my Warrior squads. Splinter Cannons are cool.

We agreed to play the Slave Raid scenario from Battle Missions, with me playing as Dark Eldar and ‘Scape as Orks. Here are the army lists:

Master Bryss’ Kabal of the Stolen Soul: 850 points

Dracon with Agoniser and Splinter Pistol
9 Warriors with one Splinter Cannon, includes Sybarite with Agoniser (W1)
Raider with Night Shield
10 Warriors with one Splinter Cannon, includes Sybarite (W2)
Raider with Night Shield
15 Warriors with 2 Splinter Cannons
3 Reaver Jetbikes (rolled a 5 on Combat Drugs so re-roll misses in CC)
Ravager with Night Shield and 2 Disintegrators

Cyberscape7’s Waaagh! Skarfang: 850 points

Warboss with Power Klaw, twin-linked shoota, Cybork Body and ‘Eavy Armour
10 ‘Ard Boyz with shootas
20 Boyz with 2 Big Shootas and Stikkbombz
5 Nobz with Stikkbombz
3 DeffKoptas with twin-linked rokkit launchas and buzzsaws
Killa Kan with Armour Plates, Grot Riggers and Big Shoota (K1)
Killa Kan with Armour Plates, Grot Riggers and Rokkit Launcha (K2)
Killa Kan with Armour Plates, Grot Riggers and Grotzooka (K3)

Those are the competitors, here’s the game:

Archon Ufllbca No-Soul was displeased. Here was a perfect opportunity to obtain some Orks for him to make money on in his favourite place, the arena, and there was that traitorous fool of a Dracon that had made the Orks launch a war against them. Ah well, he thought, at least I can get rid of him now. The Dracon, undeserving of such an honour as a name, ignited his energy lance and stood aboard his Raider skiff, looking every inch the bold hero. No-Soul saw this, and laughed the laugh of a man who knew he was in for a good show.

Skarfang fired ‘is shoota inta da sky and shouted Waaaghwordz at ‘is Boyz ta git them ready ta fight. Dem pointy-earz wasn’t gonna know wot hit ‘em. As da pointies came closer, e saw a monster in their little Waaagh!, covered in ‘eads and trophies an’ dat. Skarfang wanted ‘imself one of dem. Bring it closa.

Deployment and pre-game moves.

I was the first to arrive (I had to be according to the rules), so I placed a Raider on each flank, the 10 man Raider squad on the left and the 9 man one with the Dracon attached in the right Raider. The Ravager and Reavers deployed in the centre with the big Warrior squad in between them. I deployed as far back as the scenario allowed in all cases.

In front of the left Raider Kan K3 deployed, to its right were K2 behind a barrier and Deffkoptas in front of it. The Warboss deployed with his Nobz in the centre, with Kan K1 to their left. The ‘Ard boyz deployed in a large terrain piece to my right, with the unarmoued Boyz in front of them.

The Deffkoptas proceeded to Scout to behind my Ravager. Damn turbo-boosters.

Turn 1.0

I rolled a 2 and gained the first turn. The Raider on the left cruised to the left, keeping out of the Kanz’ way. The Footdar squad moved backwards to confront the Deffkoptas while the Reavers and Raider with the Dracon in it moved to confront the Boyz mob, the Warriors and Dracon disembarking. The Talos ambles forward as fast as it can go (not far at all then).

A flurry of splinter fire began to fill the air all over the battlefield. The Footdar fired all their guns into the Deffkoptas, killing one and leaving another with 1 wound left. Squad W2 fire pistols and cannons into the Boyz, but nothing happens. The Reavers have better luck, killing one. A barrage of completely random shots from the Talos Sting kills 2 Boyz. Both Raiders fire Dark Lances at K3 and K2, but neither lance does anything at all. The Ravager fires at the ‘Ard Boyz, the Dark Lances misses (sigh...) while the disintegrator weapons kill 1.

Both the Dracon’s squad and the Reavers plow into the Boyz. Only 4 Boyz die to the Dark Eldar’s superior agility and the furious Ork counterstrike kills 2 Reavers and 6 Warriors, earning them a Prisoner and causing my units to fall back, leaving the Dracon with his back against his transport and the Reaver flying 11” towards the board edge. The Boyz earn a whole inch of consolidation as a reward.

Turn 1.5- Score 1-nil Orks

K3 and K1 emerge from cover (well, K1 went round it) and the Warboss and his cronies advance in the direction of the Talos. The Boyz mob move closer to the Dracon, near-sealing his doom.

K1 and K2 gang up on the Talos in shooting, but neither do anything to the midget T7 machine. K3 tries to Grotzooka the Raider, but fails to find it within its Night Shield. The Deffkoptas try to pierce the Ravager with their Rokkits, but fail to hit it. The Warboss + co. shoots in the vague direction of the Talos, doing nothing. In preparation for combat, a slugga volley from the Boyz kills everyone in the fleeing Warrior squad bar the Dracon and Sybarite.

In combat, an unlucky round of combat for the Deffkoptas results in the Ravager surviving the turn. Although 3 Boyz die to the last stand of the Dracon, he and his Sybarite are wiped out, with the Dracon taken prisoner.

Turn 2.0- Score 2-nil Orks

The Footdar move to confront the Deffkoptas, and the Raider with passengers flits back to where it was on turn 1. The Reaver rallies and turbo-boosts towards said Raider. The Talos turns round and moves towards the Boyz, while the empty Raider moves fowards.

The Talos lets loose with the Sting again but fails to wound anything. 8 Splinter Cannon shots ricochet off the Deffkoptas from the Footdar. K1 hears a beam-type noise whoosh past it, then realises it’s my Dark Lance missing again. The other Raider manages to shake the Kan though. 3 Boyz die to a barrage of Ravager weapons, but the squad stands firm.

Footdar and Deffkoptas clash blades and rotors in a protective assault which results in a draw as nobody dies.

Turn 2.5- Waaagh!

The Ork army pulls itself forward, ‘Ard Boyz emerging from cover, Boss moving to the Talos, Kanz gravitating towards the board centre while the Boyz chase after the Footdar.

The empty Raider is destroyed by some spectacular ‘Ard Dakka. K2 shoots the Ravager but my Night Shield protects me again. K3 however manages to kill my last Reaver and it is in range to be captured.

The Boss and his guard fleet into the Talos, who rolls low-ish for attacks and wounds the Nobz twice. In return, the squad wounds it twice, causing a draw. 2 Footdar die to buzzsaws (more prisoners for Skarfang) and fall back.

Turn 3.0- Score 4-nil Orks. I have a look of defeat on my face...

The Ravager moves forward to allow the Raider a clear shot. The unlucky Warrior squad rallies and goes after the Boyz.

Kan K2 does the Kan equivalent of laugh as I miss it with the Raider’s Dark Lance... but the smirk is wiped off when it becomes immobilised from the Ravager’s shots. From inside the Raider, splinter fire spills out and I claim my first prisoner as the Koptas die. 6 Boyz die from the Footdar’s shooting and they fall back.

In combat, the Talos rolls high for attacks and slaughters the Warboss. It survives the inevitable battering by the Nobz and I claim another prisoner. The combat goes on.

Turn 3.5- It’s 4-2 Orks and I feel my power coming back...

The small Boyz unit continues to fall back. The ‘Ard Boyz move towards the melee in the centre, as does Kan K1. K3 advances towards the Raider.

Only the Kanz are able to shoot but fail to damage their vehicular quarries.

Kan K1 charges into the melee however, and immediately has its legs chopped off by the Talos. The ‘Ard Boyz also pile in to melee, but as the Talos isn’t damaged again, I win the combat and claim my third prisoner.

Turn 4.0- It’s 4-3 Orks and all to play for...

The Ravager cruises away from the unengaged Kanz and the Raider darts backwards. My Footdar advance towards the melee.

The single surviving Boy is killed by a Dark Lance and I gain a prisoner.

My Warriors fleet into combat, wounding a Nob. The Talos succeeds in removing the CCW from the Kan. Nobody is able to wound it again and I win combat.

Turn 4.5- 5-4 Dark Eldar is the score, the Archon is demanding more...

There is no shooting this turn as K3 runs closer to the combat and K2 does nothing.

All focus is on the huge combat in the middle, where 2 Nobz are wounded by the Warriors and 2 killed by the ever-resilient Talos. The ‘Ard Boyz succeed in killing a Warrior, but I prevail in combat and perform Sweeping Advances that kill everything bar the Kan.

Turn 5.0- It’s 6-4 Dark Eldar, and ‘Scape now wears the look of despair from before.

I don’t bother with movement.

The mood at the table is one of melancholy, and all I can do is roll the dice as my Ravager kills Kan K3, but is too far away to take a prisoner. K1 is killed by the Talos, taking my count to 7.

Turn 5.5- 7-4 Dark Eldar.

I have a green and blue dice called Gork and Mork. All game, Gork kept ‘Scape’s score and Mork kept mine, although it needed help at the end. The Talos was exposed, and I handed Gork to ‘Scape. He knew what to do.

K2 hit.

K2 wounded.

The Talos died.

Final Score- 7-5 Dark Eldar. I win, in the most epic battle ever conducted under 1000 points?

20 minutes later...

Scape: “Hey, did I kill a HQ choice?”

Me: “Yeah, we both did...”

We’d forgotten that HQs were worth D6 prisoners if killed!

Gork and Mork flew to our respective hands, as we made the roll to decide the fate of the game...

Final Score: 11-11. DRAW.

Bryss’ Post-Game Analysis:
Wow. I made some poor tactical decisions at the beginning (I shouldn’t have relied on Agonisers, I should have Rapid-Fired) and that showed through. I had to see this game through, as we’d agreed this would be our batrep game, and in the end I’m glad I started to avenge myself near the end. Man of The Match goes to the Talos. I haven’t seen a feat of endurance like that since Abaddon made 11 Invul Saves over 3 turns with 1 wound left.

Kan K2’s Post Game Analysis:
“Take that you f****n Talos!"

In honour of his mighty achievement the tips of K2’s rokkits were painted in Necron Abyss, the colour of my Kabal.

And that’s the game. Hope you enjoyed it, and if you think we made all that up, shame on you!

07-16-2010, 06:38 AM
*sniff* that game was wonderful. I mean sure we each became a bit blue at points in the battle but even after it finished we both laughed at the fact that it took us 20 mins to realise it was a draw. People this game teaches us all something. You dont need rhino rushes or melta gun paste to win a game of 40k. You just need a couple of Talos' and your opponent is screwed. Peace out people!!!:D