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08-10-2010, 03:20 PM
Hi, just managed a battle report against my friend using the chaos rules I came up with earlier (fluffy chaos (http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/forumdisplay.php?f=3))
My opponents list was:
wolf lord with saga of wolf kin thunder hammer and storm shield
4 wolf guard terminators with
-two wolf claws
-storm shield
-chain fist
-frost blade

3 lots of 5 blood claws with 1 power weapon with three wolf guard terminators, but i can't remember what they had

4 swiftclaws with power fist and melta gun

10 fenrisan wolves with cyber wolf

2 lots of ten greyhunters with plasma gun, melta gun and power weapon, with a wolf guard terminator with one assault cannon, and one cyclone rocket launcher.

I had:
sorceror of tzeentch with terminator armour, boon of chaos and flickering fire of tzeentch.
sorceror of slaanesh with she who thirsts.
8 marines with khorn, furious charge, aspiring champion with axe of khorne and skulls for the skull throne
with a rhino with extra armour.
10 nurgle marines with plasma gun, heavy bolter, aspiring champion with parasitic totem.
10 tzeentch marines with aspiring champ with rise to ascension.
Defiler with CCW and twin linked autocannon.
5 possessed (which I forgot about completely)

mission was kill points. We set up as follows
it was basically dawn of war, except only you nominate units and roll a dice, on a 4+ they turn up at a maximum of two units per turn, this is because we had quite a small playing surface.

Space wolves set up first with a blood claw and a grey hunter unit in the middle, I set up my tzeentch sorceror and squad, and my khorne squad in rhino.

I can't remember what happened turn to turn but:

His grey hunters and blood claws advanced, staying away from my inferno bolts, another blood claw unit and his grey hunter unit arrived and ran.

My tzeentch and khorne units moved forward cautiously making sure he had no Los because of terrain. My defiler and slaanesh sorceror arrived with the latter running and the former blowing a large hole in his grey hunter unit killing five

his terminators and swift claws arrive, his grey hunters run into vision of the tzeentch unit but slightly out of charge range, his blood claw unit furthest on manage to charge the rhino and blow it up with a power fist on the terminator, the khorne marines get out but aren't pinned.

My nurgle marines and vindicator arrive with the vindicator lobbing a shot down the left flank at the terminators, but unfortunately it scatters and lands in the middle of the grey hunter unit killing another 3 (we were joking it bent the bullet round the building as it couldn't actually see them) my defiler pounds the grey hunter unit at the back while advancing forward causing them to flee and my khorne unit charge his blood claws, wiping them out for no casualties in return, although they're in plain sight of his swift claws. My tzeentch unit manage to wipe out the grey hunter unit to the last man which is a terminator by casting flickering fire of tzeentch and using the inferno bolts. The flickering fire manages to roll 4 str 7 ap1 hits, but only got two kills. The terminator squad flees out of charge range.

the last blood claw and fenrisan wolf unit arrive on the table, his cyclone rocket launcher manages to explode the defiler, causing wound on the tzeentch marines, his swiftclaws rev their engines and charge down the right flank manage to kill none although they rapid fired their bolters and fired a melta gun shot, the assault cannon kills a tzeentch marine and his terminators advance close to my slaanesh sorceror. The fenrisan wolves charge at my tzeentch unit which with some lucky dice rolling killed 5 the terminator with a power fist that ran away last turn was killed by my sorceror) suffering only 1 losses in return, they run down the tzeentch marines and sorceror. The combat between the swiftclaws and the khorne marines ends in the axe of khorne champion slaying one of the bikers.

My slaanesh sorceror runs forward close to the terminator unit with the lord and the fenrisan wolves and attempts to cast she who thirsts, but rolls an 11, slaanesh had already eaten today apparently. the nurgle marines fire at the terminator squad killing one sotmr shield and wounding the chaos lord. the vindicator continued to decimate his reinforcements that had just arrived on the table. The slaanesh sorceror fired his bolt pistol killing a terminator and then charged wounding once the chaos lord, and forgetting he can only take one psychic test a turn force weaponed the lord killing him, he then miraculously manages to survive the chain fist and wolf claws. The swift calws inflicted one casualty and I kill two bikes (although none with the axe of khorne) but they held.

His turn started with the now lone terminator with the cyclone rocket launcher avenging his squad and killing the vindicator, killing a fenrisan wolf and a nurgle marine (very bad dice rolling on my part) and advances towards my dwindling supply of units, his lone grey hunter advances into the khorne marines on the right flank to help out the lone biker. this is when he exclaims you can only pass one psychic test a turn and proudly puts his wolf lord in base contact with my sorceror, who fails to do anything (the emperor truly liked his 5+ inv. saves) and gets pummeled into mush. his wolves charge the nurgle marines and kill one, suffereing 4 losses in return leaving two which manage to flee halfway towards his board edge. His grey hunter with power weapon charges and manages to kill two khorne marines, while I kill the last swift claw, I pass my leadership just.

My nurgle marines advance towards the remaining terminators and use their parasitic totem killing one terminator, taking a wound off the wolf lord, killing two from the grey hunter squad including the terminator leaving the melta gun, plasma gun, power sword and finally killing the remaining two blood claws in a squad, they then shoot at the terminators killing the wolf lord on his last wound and the chainfist guy. The khorne marines manage to despatch the gey hunter with ease moving towards the terminator with cyclone rocket launchers. He charges my nurgle squad with the lone terminator with wolf claws, who manages to kill one, and the fenrisan wolves, who kill none, I manage to kill the terminator but the wolf passes his 6+ save!.

With only his terminator with cyclone rockets, four grey hunters and the two fenrisan wolves he moves the grey hunters in position to shoot my nurgle marine unit (which had about 6 guys left) after they kill the wolves and his terminator charges the khorne marines who manage to do no damage taking one casualty leaving four in the squad. I butcher the last two wolves with my nurgle marines

In my turn I shoot the grey hunters with the nurgle marines and with some bad dice rolls killing the melta gun only, my khorne marines kill the terminator and advance back towards the centre to kill the last remaining grey hunters.

he shoots my nurgle marines killing three! (two plasma). In my turn I shoot with everything I've got... killing none (very bad dice rolls and good saves ,although I manage to pass an overheat save from the nurgle marines plasma gun) and charge the guys with my khorne unit killing both with the axe of khorne. With no units left in his army I manage a win, just.

All in all, I think it was a pretty balanced game, with some very bad dice rolling, his Ld tests and my shooting, he said himself he enjoyed it more than against the C:CSM which I guess is something. I thought I would change a few things though, I will move mark of tzeench up to 50pts to cover the inferno bolts and also change the boon of chaos spell to "roll a dice for each guy in the unit, on a 1 or 2 he loses all his equipment except from a single ccw for the next close combat phase, regaining it in his next player turn" as I think is more fair than simply removing the equipment from the whole squad.

Only two points though was that I forgot the warshouts, although they wouldn't have done anything and the possessed, who never do anything anyway(as I haven't changed them from C:CSM).

The wolf's claw
08-11-2010, 02:04 AM
If you're interested I'm gonna post my side of the story later