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11-13-2017, 04:33 PM
Hidden deep within the warp storm known as the Crimson Nova lies a blasted and forsaken world. Situated at the center of a grouping of warp portals the world is the domain of a band of demonic renegades, being of such power they might well be known as lesser Chaos Gods, if such names were not forbidden.

Over the endless eons they have spent on this world they have learned to entertain themselves by pitting those, who through luck or desire, find themselves stranded on the world against each in gladiatorial combats. Depending on what harvest the warp has deposited on their door step the contests may be being vs being, or may pit whole armies against each other. To the victors are given great spoils and freedom. Even a loser who endears themselves to the crowd may find themselves released. But those who fail to preform, or displease the watchers find themselves punished in truly imaginative ways. The itching never stops…

In celebration of the recent arrival of four battle groups of brave warriors the gods have decided to hold a massive Tournament of Blood. Four full armies shall fight in the arena of their entertainment. For the first two days of combat armies will be pitted against their natural enemies. On the third day the winners of the first rounds shall fight, for their can only be one victor. To this victor will be awarded an ancient relic, to the losers, only despair and shame. For the first offering the noble Blood Angles of Captain Ollivander’s 3rd Company must face the raging hordes of the Deamon Prince Drakhar.

Set Up: The Arena, before placing terrain mark a 12″ by 12″ space in the middle of the table, 18″ from each long edge and 30″ from each short edge. This is the Heart of the Arena, no terrain may be placed in it, otherwise set up as normal.

Victory: Glory Seeker

Special Rules

The Gods Want Blood: All units suffer a -1 to hit rolls when targeting a unit more than 12″ away.

The Eyes are Upon You: Units in the Heart of the Arena automatically pass leadership tests.

Wining the Crowds Favor: Whenever a Character slays a model with a melee attack the control favor gains a favor point. One point is gained for each model killed in melee by a character and points are gained immediately when the enemy model is removed. There is no limit to the number of points that a player may have. During the course of the game players may spend their favor points for the following effects:

1 Favor Point: A character may re roll dice.

2 Favor Points: Increase a single characters Attack value by 1 for the round.

3 Favor Points: Pick a friendly character, they regain a single wound.

5 Favor Points: At the end of the fight phase pick a friendly character within the heart of the arena, they may attack again. A character can only be affect by this ability once per round.

Rile Up The Crowd: At the start of each fight phase any character within the Heart of the Arena can attempt to rile up the crowd and earn their favor. In order to do so the controlling player must give a short speech. If the crowd (chat) agrees that they did a good job the player is awarded one favor point. Any number of characters can attempt to rile up the crowd each fight phase but each may only do so once. If both players have characters that wish to rile up the crowd they must alternate giving speeches.

Army Lists
Blood Angles 3rd Company
Captain Ollivander w/ Jump Pack and Blade of Bees – 6

(The Blade of Bees is an ancient relic recovered by Captain Ollivander. This sword if made out of a strange crystalline materiel of unknown provenance. Though honeycombed with small chambers the blade is light and exceedingly sharp. The blade is also home to a hive of strange bee like creatures, though if they are living or mechanical is unknown. At a thought from the wielder of the blade the bees fly forth and wreak havoc among any target. When first recovered there was debate over wither the blade should be used or destroyed as all corrupted xenos artifacts should be. The debate was solved when it was noted that the markings on the back of each “bee” bore a striking resemblance to the Imperial Aquila.”
In combat the blade has the following profile:
Melee S: +2 AP: -3 D: d3
Ranged, Rage: 8″ Type: Assault D6 S:5 AP: -1 D:1 Special: This attack automatically hits it target. )
The Sanguinor- 9
Brother Corbulo -5
Chaplain w/ Jump pack -6
LT w/ Jump pack, power fist -5
15x Death Company -29
5x Vanguard Veterans -7
5x Tactical Squad -5
5x Tactical Squad -5
5x Tactical Squad -5
10x Assault Squad -9
10 x Assault Squad – 9
PL 100 6/6 cp

Night Lords
Daemon Prince with Wings, Hellforge swords, malefic taons, mark of Khorne- 9- Lord Drakhar

Chaos Lord, with Jump Pack, twin lighting claws, Mark of Khorne, (Relic:Claws of the Black Hunt) – 6- Lord Bane

Dark Apostle, power maul, plasma pistol, mark of khorne- 5- J’h’onas

Exalted Champion, power ax, plasma pistol, mark of khorne- 5- Ebeneezer

5x CSM – 5
5x CSM – 5
40x Chaos Cultists -12
10x Khorne Berzerkers- 9
10x Khorne Berzerkers- 9
5x Chaos Termintators – 14
10x Raptors – 10
5x Chaos Spawn – 10
PL 99 6/6 cp

11-13-2017, 05:12 PM
I know you did it deliberately Matt, but charging Abe's bait unit put you in prime obliteration territory. I respect and salute your Blood For The Blood God chops, though. :D I'm glad Drakhar survived til game's end this time.

And those termies...


11-13-2017, 06:13 PM
I didn't get to watch today, but is that a bee themed melee weapon I spy. I love you all. Also Game Masters of Triskellion?

11-13-2017, 11:45 PM
Abe loves the (Star Trek) classics!

Also we have NEW terrain to roll out for tomorrow!

The gang playing for your amusement:

Matt begging for rerolls:

The real question is which brain is which one of you?

11-14-2017, 12:11 AM
Since I'm not a CL I don't think I qualify as a Brain. But if you ever need a giant green space hand I'm in. (Runs to Amazon to order hulk hands so I can make a gif of a hand attacking my Fire Raptor)

11-14-2017, 01:52 AM
I respect and salute your Blood For The Blood God chops, though.

So I definitely shouldn't have charged into that so willy nilly, but it was fun.

I could have held back for another turn but then Abe probably could have charged me on his turn anyway. He did give me the first turn. He knew what he was doing lol. I didn't really want first turn. Granted, if I had held back and done it correctly, I could have stayed out of his range. Or even not charged everyone right away. I could have taken his bait with just one berserker squad, then move my others in on later turns.

If I had made the charge with chaos spawn onto the Roof Contingency, I think that would have helped a lot too. He mentioned chaos spawn are more squishy than they look, but they would have done a lot more damage than they did if they had gotten that charge off. As it stands, they didn't do a whole lot at all in that game.

And yeah, the terminators and the raptors also did rull bad. The raptors were my fault, the terminators were the dice fault. I definitely have that mentality of "If I can deep strike, I should" but that is certainly not always the case. Especially since my raptors and chaos lord have 12" move. They could get into a much more advantageous position without deep striking and just using their rull good movement. The terminators should have taken out that lieutenant and not died to him, but hey that's how randomness works sometimes [blatant self promotion (http://www.belloflostsouls.net/2017/11/popular-mechanics-what-is-lol-teh-randum.html)].

If I had thought to ask or remember how good death company were at accompanying death, I wouldn't have charged all my cultists into them. I was using standard "bog down those guys with cultists" strats and didn't expect them to all get murdelated in one attack.

So things I learned:
- Know your opponent's units
- Don't always deep strike
- Sometimes holding back for a turn can yield greater results later
- Roll better

- - - Updated - - -

Matt begging for rerolls:

What am I wearing??

11-14-2017, 01:59 AM
What am I wearing??

The minimum that 1950s Standards and Practices would let you get away with calling a "shirt." Does it cover most of the nipple. I'll allow it?

11-14-2017, 02:18 AM
What am I wearing??

I dare you to judge Roller Derby in that getup one of these days! How could they object- you're a Star Fleet Captain!