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08-16-2010, 11:18 PM
http://www.templecon.org/banner/banner2011.jpg (http://www.templecon.org/)

Hey im just throwing out there that if you live in the New England area that on the weekend of Febuary 4th you should come to TempleCon in Warwick, Rhode Island (Yes that place from that tv show). TempleCon is a huge Convention enveloping Gaming culture, based in a pretty awsome hotel, including everything from Board games, video games, and most importantly, to us, Minutures Gaming. Im throwing this plug out there because my club, Ocean State Dice Devils, are running all the GW events (including fantasy and 40k) Rankings HQ right now is gonna be used (as of now) I cant release all of the details on the current events, due to there is a lot in the planning including some vendors in the works that may be showing up, but as of right now the main will be a 1750 point 40k tournament. We hope our little slice of TempleCon will be a huge sucess so that they can allow us more space and bigger events next year. Another sweet thing about templeCon is that you pay for your ticket AND THATS IT, all events are free beyond the door price. There is also a huge Warmachine/Hordes Tournament as well as a North American Diplomacy Federation Tournament for those of you pipe and glass of whiskey diplomats out there ;). Video Games, 40k, Diplomacy, Roleplaying, etc. Sound so beautiful don't you agree?

Heres the link

http://www.templecon.org/10/ (http://www.templecon.org/10/)

As Im allowed to release more details and some things become comfirmed Ill let you all know. Hope to see the blogosphere well represented!