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  1. Astral Kittens female Space Marines.

    So ages ago I wrote a blog post about a proposed female SM army, the Space Kittens. Well I've not worked on the background a lot, until prompted recently. I do have round 1500pts painted and converted, though so I thought it about time to consolidate the background I put forward in the first post.

    If you go back and read the linked blog post you will see I had three streams of thought regarding the background, in the end I went for a combination of the first two (well three, technically). ...
  2. Kabal of the Raging Maiden census

    So, as I did a census of my Craftworld force I thought I ought to do one for my Kabal, as it helps me keep track of things. What is listd below is everything that is painted, I've still got boxes of stuff to assemble and paint. All are the new range as I loath everything from the old one:

    Archons x2 (one metal, one converted from plastic bits. Both girls)
    Succubi x 2 (one metal, one converted etc)
    Lelith Hesperax
    Urien Rakarth
    Haemonculi x4 (two Finecast, ...
  3. Cait-badd Craftworld Census 2011

    So, finally got around to updating the census of my Eldar collection, on account of overcoming my fear of resin since the last time I did it. Bear in mind the following is 15 years worth of models, and though I've added 12500 points in the last year most of those were FW kits I had waiting to be worked on. Most of the Aspects are mixes of all the three generations, though over half would be the latest sculpts. No pictures, sorry:

    Autarch x 3
    Farseer x 4 ...

    Updated 08-28-2011 at 12:37 AM by eldargal

  4. In Defence of Gary Morley

    Four years since he left Games Workshop, I still see posts on forums complaining about Gary Morley. Most of these complaints stem from this:

    It is a truly awful model, but even ignoring the part where it isn't his fault*, he produces plentyof beautiful models as well. Including one of my favourite GW models:
  5. Yellow Stormraven & Conversions

    For most of my hobby career I've avoided major conversions, as I've not deemed them necessary. I've done headswaps and some minor GS work to make female models and such but little beyond that. I've always felt the existing models were lovely so why bother? But lately I've been doing more ambitious conversions, maybe I'm growing as a person/hobbyist?

    Oh and in a small update to this, we have another silly 40k themed song:

    We all live in a Yellow Stormraven,
  6. Ultramarines: the Film Review.

    Watched my copy last night, a little review below. Bear in mind I'm an Eldar play with only a passing interest in the Space Marines:

    Not the best, obviously, but they got the job done and in no way detracted from the film in my opinion. Some scenes were really very impressive.

    I really enjoyed the sound, the voice acting was excellent, the music was rather good (I have a soft spot for Gregorian chants) and the bolter sound was perfect. ...
  7. Mantic Model Review

    My brothers just brought up some Mantic models for me to peruse, so I thought I would write of my impressions. A little disclaimer, while I love Warhammer and 40k, I am not averse to using other ranges models but I am VERY fussy about the quality of said models. I do not, however, automatically assume GW= Better.


    Undead (zombies, ghouls, skeletons, characters): Really, really impressive. Well sculpted and proportioned I particularly liked the ghouls, but the ...
  8. Dark Eldar, squeee!

    So. The new Dark Eldar are gorgeous. Utterly, absolutely gorgeous. I admit I was slightly dissapointed by the new Lelith model, which sounds bizarre because it is easily the bet female sculpt GW have ever produced, and one of the best commercially available in any brand. But to me it lacks some of the elegance of the original. In every other respect is is superior.
    The Wyches are stunning, even the chaps. The warriors look lovely, the Incubi are stunning and the Reaver jetbikes actually ...
  9. Bonesingers and Space Kittens

    I just finished painting the last of my FSM 'Space Kittens', I now have four tactical squads, an assault squad, a devestator squad, a terminator squad, a landspeeder and a predator. Conversions are minor, just female heads for the sergeants and captain. Came up rather well, wish I had pictures.
    They are an Ultramarines successor chapter so the colour is a rich blue with brass trim and white shoulder and knee pads.

    If anyone that reads this has read my Craftworld fluff, they ...
  10. Cait-badd Craftworld Census. (My collection)

    Just finished counting all my Eldar models (no pics). A bit scary. Collected over the last fifteen years or so, its a testament to the quality of Eldar sculpts that even old 2nd edition models still fit in quite well.

    Autarch x 3
    Farseer x2
    ‘Jetbike Seer Council’
    ‘Seer Council’
    Squad Warlocksx18
    Avatar x 2
    Phoenix Lords (all)
    Striking Scorpions x106
    Fire Dragonsx92
    Wraithguardx40 ...
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