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  1. Escher Gang: Angry Sapphic Ho's

    I've finally bullied my gaming group into having another Necromunda tournament, so time to dig out my trustworthy
    Edit: Bah, tried to go with a new name, couldn't.
    Escher gang:

    Angry Saphhic Ho's

    Drusilla, Leader. Bolt gun, plasma pistol, sword

    Clara, Heavy. Heavy Stubber, las pistol, knife

    Alexandra, Ganger. Stub gun, autogun, knife

    Maud, Ganger. Lasgun, knife

    Honoria, Ganger. Auto gun, knife ...

    Updated 07-08-2010 at 09:30 PM by eldargal

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  2. You learn something new every so often.

    Things I've learnt about the hobby in the past couple of months:

    Re-painting 40,000 point of old Eldar is really, really tiring.

    Some of the old Eldar sculpts are really, really good.

    FW resin is not nearly as difficult to prepare, assemble and paint as I feared. My Scorpion II went together well and I have two revenants on the way.

    Sucking on the end of brushes before you wash them while contemplating what to do next gives you a tummy ...
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  3. WFB: High Elf House of Sapherael

    Inspired by the rumoured High Elf vs Skaven starter set for the upcoming 8th edition of WFB, I've decided to finish painting my 1000pts of High Elves. I've also typed up the fluff I wrote for it.

    Re: the fertility and breeding thing. If you've read my other fluff, you will see a similar theme in my Eldar Craftworld for 40k. I don't like the whole 'doomed race no breeding enough' thing. I get that their population has dropped to low levels, but if I were they I would not meet it with ...
  4. Melodies of a Grim Dark Future.

    A compilation of songs and a poem I wrote (read, altered from real songs and poems written by people with actual talent).

    Oh Susanna of Cadia

    I came from Holy Terra with a lasgun on my knee
    I’m going to Cadia, for the Emperor Glory Be.
    II trained all night the day I left, Drill-Sergeant he was spry
    The Warp so cold I froze to death, Susanna do not cry.

    Oh! Susanna, don’t you cry for me
    I come from Holy Terra
    With ...

    Updated 04-15-2011 at 04:33 AM by eldargal

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  5. Cait-Badd Fluff: Drusilla vs Bonesinger

    Found some more of my Eldar Craftworld fluff and am typing it up slowly. This piece serves to explain why my female farseer is not exceptionally female looking.

    ‘I am sorry, Seer, but the armour of a Farseer is dictated by ritual and the immutable laws the traditions if our glorious Craftworld. I cannot acquiesce to your request.’
    Farseer Drusilla of Cait’Badd glared at the bonesinger impudent enough to defy her.
    ‘Do you have any idea the struggle I have to fit into ...

    Updated 12-21-2010 at 07:53 AM by eldargal

  6. My Dark Eldar Wishlist

    Below are the things I would like to see with the new Dark Eldar Codex and model range.

    - A completely new aesthetic for the model range (roughly confirmed by Jes Goodwin and some rumours). Lose the 70s sexploitation film vibe. Try not to make it so different as to render all previous Dark Eldar models obsolete (not that this would be a bad thing, bar a few models like Lelith, Incubi and such)

    - More Troops than just Warriors and Warriors in Raiders.

  7. 40k/Apoc IG Army concept: Forge World Wycombe

    Well, due to academic reasons my hobby time has been drastically cut recently so I've had to reevaluate my priorities. I've dropped my planned Ork army, (lost interest) I've scaled back my Space Kittens force (just a few unhelmeted girly marine characters to paint plus regular marines, 1000pts in all) and I am postponing my SoB army until the new model range and codex are released, whenever that may be.
    There is a new project though, a Titan Legion which will be played as regular IG for regular ...
  8. The Banshees of Cait-Badd.

    (Just a bit of hastily-written fluff to commemorate the deeds of my farseer led howling banshees in a game last week. 10 meganobs with warbozz killed in one round of close combat. Doom is good.)

    Edit: I make no claims of quality, so you know, read at own risk.

    The Banshees of Cait-Badd

    The shattered remains of the human city lay shrouded in the smoke of war. Almost overnight the once prosperous metropolis had been all buy destroyed, ...

    Updated 12-21-2010 at 07:52 AM by eldargal

  9. Cait-Badd Craftworld

    More fluff, this time the basic background behind my homemade craftworld. A few explanations for the reason behind the various elements; I ended up allying a lot with my brothers Imperial Guard and Space Marines, hence the maiden world stuff. Given how many battles I was fighting and the size of Eldar force I could field* I didn't think the 'dying isolationist race' vibe felt quite right so I tweaked it. Finally, my first farseer model I have always felt looks very feminine so it is now officially ...

    Updated 12-07-2010 at 04:18 AM by eldargal

  10. Space Kittens (aka Female SMs)

    The following is the basic outline and options for the fluff of my female Space Marine chapter. i'm not sure which of the backstories or names I will choose. Any constructive opinions welcome:

    1) Ultramarines successor chapter. Geneseed mutation causes incompatibility with Y chromosome slowly starving the chapter of recruits. Eventually Apothecarium realise they can recruit females. They do so, restoring the chapters ranks but earning the emnity of the Inquisition. Influence of the ...
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