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Master Bryss' Log of Feth

Rules I will write in the future, stuff I have/ need to paint. Anything really.

THIS IS NOT A TANITH BLOG! My apologies. I do like the books though.

  1. I review Finecast!

    I think it went rather well. I'll have to fight Vulkan Marines again soon...
  2. Inquisition Thoughts

    So I've now had a game with a pure Inquisition force (read: ragtag bunch of misfits army) against 'Scape's Ultras, and won it. My thoughts on this type of army are:

    Inquisitor Countsyas' eagle pet is...random. When I got six hits versus a Scout squad they all missed, but it did manage to finish off a Libby Terminator with just two. Was it begging for forgiveness?

    So many Troops options it's unbelievable. It's like a whole Stellan-style mini army in one slot. Damn cheap ...
  3. New Dark Eldar- The Plan

    Quite simple really. On October 16th a bunch of gamers from Peterheid will rock up to my local GW and I will blow them to bits with my current DE list. After that, I will get rid of the Dissies on my Ravager and replace them with Dark Lances.

    The Dissie in my opinion is the second best gun in the Codex, best being the humble Splinter Cannon, but that was because it was flexible. Not only could it attack light vehicles and suchlike, it could also be defensive. Now it's boring. Under ...
  4. Special Operations Killzone: now includes Bryss!

    While the Fabricator General of Rules Manufactorum is away, I branched out. I'm now on the Killzone Rules Committee over at Galaxy in Flames, to satisfy my passion for narrative-type small games.

    Use this Webway Gate to reach the current rules archive.

    I'll actually start playing games this week to get a grasp of the rules whilst awaiting orders to do...something.

    As for my own custom rules, I've got the perfect thing coming up.

    I'm doing ...

    Updated 08-21-2010 at 09:21 AM by Master Bryss

  5. Levels of Play- yeah right!

    Have recently started reading 3++ Is The New Black, as the guy doing it actually seems like a human being, and discovered Abusepuppy's article on levels of play.

    Now, when you find something like this, the obvious thing to do is try to put yourself on the map. However, this is impossible for me. Here's why:

    Rules-wise, I'm 90% spot on, fixing areas of weakness as I go. I have an incredible memory for unit and weapon stats of most Codices, as well as a plethora of unit ...

    Updated 08-06-2010 at 12:58 PM by Master Bryss

  6. Bryss wins with 'Crons!

    I try to get in a game using my very first army each year. This is harder in the current edition as I started with Necrons, but I do it anyway. Opponent was Setsuna again who didn't use his custom 'Dex (which is still bloody imbalanced). Instead he used:

    Vulkan He' Stan

    10 Assault Termies, 8 with TH/SS, 2 with LCs

    10 Tacticals with meltagun and powerfist in a Rhino
    10 Tacticals with flamer and power weapon in a Pod
    10 Sniper Scouts w/ heavy ...
  7. Angels of Secrecy Playtest Notes

    Had a 2000 point game against a friend's Custom Chapter Codex, the Storm Dragons, elemental magician styled Space Marines. With Feel No Pain to flamer weapons. There you go. I brought:


    10 Secret Marines- flamer, powerfist. In a Rhino
    10 Mindless with plasma gun and plasma cannon
    10 Scouts- Sarge w/ Marksman and Stalker Boltgun. Scouts have sniper rifles, 1 missile launcher

    7 Terminators w/ Tempest Missile Launcher (needs a new ...
  8. Bryss' Notes on Competitive List Building

    Somewhere, in a place I'm pretty sure I can't mention, someone knocked up a competitive list-building guide. Now, although I play for fun, I can see the merits of having a slightly better list for a closer game.

    It's such a pity I've found that it doesn't matter how 'bad' your list is, you WILL have fun if you play someone evenly matched to you. But I press on...

    So, this is how I interpreted the competive world:

    1)- Don't EVER use fun units- Seriously, ...
  9. Conservation of Terminatorjutsu

    TH/SS Termies have confused me for a long time. They have no ranged attack, can't assault on the turn they Deep Strike and die to massed fire. I suppose putting them in a Land Raider helps, but that's where long ranged AT weapons come in.

    Of course, everyone uses melta, which is precisely why they get clobbered. They are too close, and yet insist this is the best way to do it. It isn't.

    Rhino screen with Multi-Melta works well, but i prefer lascannons (read: I have ...
  10. Fun with Deathwatch

    An entire squad of characters!

    I had so much fun doing those rules, and would like to do something similar again. However... the arrival of Judge to the forum offset my happiness somewhat. If I have to look at one of that robot's posts again, I shall reply entirely in binary to see if he gets the point. Numbers mean nothing! Fun is everything!

    I really need a new long term rules project, otherwise Standard Grades are gonna drive me up the wall.
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