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  1. GW Price increase Full List


    Winged Nazgul $62.00
    Gondor Trebuchet $57.75
    Gulahvar $57.75
    Moria Goblin Commanders $39.50
    Gandalf the White $36.25
    Elrond and Gil-Galad $29.75
    Witch King of Angmar $36.25
    Suladan Serpent Lord $36.25
    Saruman & Grima $29.75
    Boromir $36.25
    Dain and Balin $29.75
    GOTHMOG $36.25
    Khamul $36.25
    Uruk-Hai w/ Crossbows $26.50
    Theoden $36.25
    Dwarf Iron Guard ...
  2. List of links to our works

    You can pictures of our minis at : Artist search: RedStickStudio

    Our other blog can be found at :

    You can find our about our projects, see images of what's just been finished, what we're working on and more.

    Our thread on the BOLS Forum : Red Stick Studio's log and Blog

    On our own site: you can find all of the articles we have written to date, including the images, ...

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