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Master Bryss' Log of Feth

Conservation of Terminatorjutsu

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TH/SS Termies have confused me for a long time. They have no ranged attack, can't assault on the turn they Deep Strike and die to massed fire. I suppose putting them in a Land Raider helps, but that's where long ranged AT weapons come in.

Of course, everyone uses melta, which is precisely why they get clobbered. They are too close, and yet insist this is the best way to do it. It isn't.

Rhino screen with Multi-Melta works well, but i prefer lascannons (read: I have more lascannons than Multi-Meltas) In addition, due to the law of Dice Conservation, if you only make your opponent roll a few dice on TA saves, (s)he will pass it.

I really don't understand the whole TH/SS thing, and I haven't yet suffered it either. I prefer the aesthetics of Claws anyway.
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  1. Atrotos's Avatar
    TH/SS Terminators are almost impossible to deal with decisively. That's the problem. Because there are no weapons you can count on to deal with them with 75% or more lethality you must wait for your opponent to roll poorly and we all know that never happens.

    The old terminators feared special weapons that removed their greatest strength (2+ armor save). Modern terminators could care less because they're still ignoring 2/3rds of anything you throw at them no matter what.

    You may think whittling down is an option but consider that you need 6 wounds per terminator to confidently expect him to fail a save. 6 x 5 (avg. # of Terminators per squad) is 30 wounds - about the amount of wounds a full mob of boyz puts out on the charge. Most units that can put the necessary firepower will only ever get one chance to do so as it likely puts them in Rapid Fire/Charge range.

    I've never come across an army with the power to whittle down 40 TH/SS Termies, let alone scoring TH/SS Terminators. Even executioners would have a hard time.
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