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The Cadian

1st Blog Post---Intro and Tackling 6th.

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Hi, Stuart here with the first Blog post here on "The Cadian", named after the gaming club, Cadian Gate Gaming, I'm a member of in Easley, SC. Anyways, I decided to start this blog because with the opening of our store and the creation of our group I want to be able to run my mouth about some topics and events that come about.

I'm thinking that I can use this as a kind of launchpad for our website(Not up yet) and to bring in some interest for our store. I also plan to do some Tournament organization, BattleReps, Hobby Tutorials and maybe some short stories, who knows.

We all know that 6th is right around the corner (Probably late June-Early July), and I want to discuss some of the things that, I personally, am looking forward to and some of the things that have been mentioned in the rumor mills.

First, I really, really don't want to see 40k switch from the current Force Organisation chart that it is currently under. Fantasy did this and switched to points which, to me, was a good move...for Fantasy. 40k, if it made this cross-over, would suffer in an area that it already has problems with, that being balance. We all know that anytime a new Codex is released that army becomes an immediate top tier tournament army. Why? Well frankly because the Codex is based around everything that is already out on the market, i.e. other Codex, Rulebook, FAQ. Now, if you remove the Force Organisation Chart, you have some armies that become "broken". Broken meaning that they will gain that immediate advantage because of certain models, low cost-high effectiveness(Inquisitors come to mind..). As it stands no one army has that distinct advantage, but under the points system some armies go out the window and others shoot through the roof and nobody, including myself, wants that. We enjoy the balance.

Another thing that I'm unsure about is the idea of Close Combat weapons carrying an AP value. In theory it's a sound idea but at the same time, isn't that what strength values are for? Now, I'm fairly new to 40k, having been a long time Fantasy player but this is something I am skeptical about. Now instead of Power Weapons going through armour saves their AP value would decide what they penetrate. Kind of a redundant change to me.

One change that I would love to see though is the implementaion of something similar to a Ward Save. I know we have Invul saves as it is but I mean being able to take Armour Saves, failing those and then being able to take the Invul save. Some players will disagree, mainly those armies whose troops have either high save rolls or only have one save to take. I, as a Space Wolves player, would be golden running around with my 3++ Thunderwolfs being able to take both saves though.

Well I hope you've enjoyed my first installment of what I hope will grow into a fortuituos endevour into blogging!

Look for my posts on BoLS and DakkaDakka--FenrisianStuart
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