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The Misadventures of Warsmith Erwos!

Rumors, Rumors

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Now that some of the details on the new CSM codex are emerging, I have mixed feelings.

Some of it, I like. I almost believe my Raptors will be usable again. The addition of more ICs and a decent anti-air flyer is very welcome. Generic CSMs look almost like a good value - shocking, really. If icons work like I think they do, they're going to enable some insane combos with Chaos Daemons. Oh, and the new DP Vindicators look eminently usable.

Some of it, I don't. They screwed the Legion players yet again with no Legion SCs. Terminator and Raptor armies are not possible. Cultists seem like rebels without a cause, only useful in CD-allied builds. And if the rumor about winged DPs turning into jump MCs and getting a points hike comes true, well, I shall be VERY ANGRY.

Don't get me wrong, just getting the codex in September is very welcome... but it seems like GW's designers and marketers can't quite figure out that people loved the 3.5E codex, and want it back, perhaps with slightly less rigidity. It seems completely bizarre that GW spends the time to flesh out the Traitor Legions in the Horus Heresy books, and then completely strips out any semblance of uniqueness in the actual codex.
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