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  1. DIY Cheap Baleful Realmgates (Prototype Phase) Tutorial

    Hi all Lumberjack here,

    Do you like the Baleful Realmgates but despise spending so much money on scenery? Or is there something else that demands your cash first? Well I might have a solution for...
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    Very interesting, I love the rework for Lizardmen...

    Very interesting, I love the rework for Lizardmen thanks the gods they were not killed off.

    Does anyone know what realm they reside in as I haven't found anything that mentions it?
  3. Thank you for the help Kaboomzi, since your post...

    Thank you for the help Kaboomzi, since your post ive gained a Stegadon/Engine of the gods (2nd hand now magnetised) 20 Old Archer Skinks, 15 Old Saurus Warriors. So my battalion Skinks are being...
  4. What happened to Kaldor Draigo in Fantasy/Age Of Sigmar?

    Hi all,

    I have been pondering one of my favourite little side story's connecting the 40k/Fantasy Universes.

    In the 40k universe Grey Knights Grandmaster Kaldor Draigo is cursed by a Lord of...
  5. First time player AoS Lizardmen Saurus Host weapon loadout help!

    Hi all,

    I am a long time lurker and first time poster, ive always dabbled in wargames and had a 40k force knocking around but never made the jump to Warhammer Fantasy. I have loved the look of the...
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