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  1. TSHFT Open Jan 10-11, 2015 Seattle Area

    TSHFT Open having are annual tournament again this coming January!

    There will be:
    Warhammer 40k
    Warhammer Fantasy

    Tickets available at
    More info found on...
  2. TSHFT Vancouver is just one month away and things...

    TSHFT Vancouver is just one month away and things are getting busy! We now offering Warmachine/Hordes on the sunday!

  3. TSHFT Vancouver BC Nov 2013 (40k, Fantasy, X-Wing)

    TSHFT is opening our first event in Canada! Continuing our support to the Pacific Northwest!

    For more info come to our page at

    Posted by TSHFT Coordinator
  4. -UPDATE- We already have 14 sign ups, even...


    We already have 14 sign ups, even with 500 days to go!

    Sign up now to secure your spots and get in on the group!

    Keep yourself updated on
  5. Cruisehammer Oct 2014 - Vacation with Gaming and Gamers

    What is it? Cruisehammer is an vacation event, where on a 7 day carribbean cruise we will be hosting gaming nights, a Warhammer 40k tournment and a Warhammer Fantasy tournment.

    Who should be...
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