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  1. Pathfinder: Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path Continues

    The Ironfang Invasion continues with an assault on the walled town of Longshadow… The events of the Ironfang Invasion continue to escalate. Thus far, the hobgoblins have been […]
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    Drowned Earth Kickstarter is Live

    Dive into the drowned world of*Ulaya where survivors of a drowned continent*battle for power and wealth. The game takes place in a sci-fi world of jungles and swamps […]
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  3. Shadow War: Armageddon – Sisters and Inquisition

    Live from the Armageddon Amphitheater, it’s the Inquisition (what a show)! Featuring special guests, the Adepta Sororitas… That’s right, the curtain’s going up on Armageddon since you can […]
  4. Dungeons & Dragons: How To Prevent Your Players From Exploding
    The post Dungeons & Dragons: How To Prevent Your Players From Exploding appeared first on BoLS Game...
  5. Warforged is Funded Get In While You Can

    Get in on this fantastic new*miniatures game designed by “40K Overfiend” Andy Chambers… Designed by 40K Legends Andy Chambers and Tuomas Pirinen, Warforged: First Contact is an awesome […]
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  6. Kharadron Overlords have me Excited for 8th Edition

    Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dwarves… So as has been foretold, 8th edition for 40K is around the corner. The official announcement’s hit, […]
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  7. Privateer Press: Trollblood and Cyriss Army Boxes Inbound

    Two new army boxes are on the horizon, one for Trollbloods and one for the Convergence of Cyriss. Take a look… Privateer Press’ army boxes are a fantastic […]
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  8. An American in Warhammer World’s Court

    I was lucky enough to be in England on vacation recently and set aside one of my days for a trip to Warhammer World. It did not disappoint. […]
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    40K Lore: Contemptor Dreadnought

    Today Loremasters, we examine a relic of war from a forgotten age… the Contemptor Dreadnought… The Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought is a Space Marine Dreadnought developed prior to the […]
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  10. Widgets and Wonders Ep 72 – Guild Ball Tournament Tray and Tote by Systema Gaming
    Systema Gaming has a rad new Tournament tote for your Guild Ball Team and all the accessories you need...
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    HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders Unboxed

    Riri Williams and Dr. Strange join the fight, and we get a look at the new boosters with Scott Porter! Dr. Strange, Earth’s Guardian has two Continuity Effects […]
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  12. Project Dawn – Infinity N3 Battle Report – Firefight – Tohaa vs. Ariadna
    Tonight the training begins. Me and Luke duke it out using my new micro arts studio mats to play the...
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    Black Library: New Releases 4-22-17

    This week, Librarians, Marneus Calgar takes the stage,*and the Scythes of the Emperor reap a harvest of foes… That’s right, Librarians. Marneus Calgar is stepping up, to show […]
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  14. 40K: The Big Take Aways From 8th Announcement

    8th Edition is on the way! But did you catch the Big News from the announcement? In all the excitement of the 8th Edition Announcement people everywhere are […]
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  15. APOCALYPSE; Warhammer 40k battle report; Minotaurs vs The 13th
    3750 points. The High Lords of Terra have sent to Minotaurs to purge the 13th. Will they succeed?
  16. On the Paint Table – 04-22-17 – Wrath of Kings, Bushido, Relic Blade
    Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects! GMG is publicly supported....
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    “Mi-go Laboratory” SoundSet Demo
    More info: I think the picture really says it all for this SoundSet. It sounds like that… and not in a...
  18. GW: New Releases April 22nd “Pricing & Links”

    Games Workshop’s Kharadron Overlords are inbound and a new book for Shadow War: Armageddon is up for Pre-Order! via Games Workshop Shadow War: Armageddon (Rulebook) $40 Armageddon is […]
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    “Gator swamp” SoundSet Demo
    More info: What’s better than a moist, sticky, insect infested swamp? One with Gators, right?
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    “Street fight” SoundSet Demo
    More info: Cruising for a bruising?! Looking for a fight?
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    Adepticon 2017
    I ventured to Adepticon 2017 and brought a camera with ? SUBSCRIBE OR DIE: BUY OR DIE: LIVESTREAM...
  22. “Mi-go Underground dwelling” SoundSet Demo
    More info: “Mi-Go Underground Dwelling” is the perfect SoundSet for underground exploration. With...
  23. Tabletop Gallery: “Do You Feel Lucky?”

    “….Well, do ya?” Enjoy. If you have an awesome wargames shot you think would make a great BoLS pic of the day, email us. We love spectacle and […]
    The post Tabletop Gallery: “Do You Feel Lucky?”...
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    Runewars Skirmish Game 2
    Steven is again pushing the Waiqar Undying (AKA Skellingtons) and Sean is driving the Daqan Lords....
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    Runewars Skirmish Game one!
    Steven pushes Waiqar Undying against Sean’s Daqan Lords. The mission is Demoralize Their Forces —...
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