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  1. Entire Kickstarter Blood Rage Set Painted!- Studio Update

    Hey Everyone, we got the chance to paint a full kickstarter edition of the Board Game Blood Rage on commission.
    So many vikings! So much fun!
    If you want your favourite board game painted contact...
  2. Studio Update- Sylvaneth and Spider AoS Armies, plus some 40k and Kingdom Death

    Hey Everyone,
    I decided to share this with he Age of Sigmar group for a change since we have a few special sigmar armies in this update.
    Enjoy the jam packed video with a bunch of cool projects...
  3. Awesome Game Mats I just got! (video)

    Hi guys, we bought a few mats from and I just thought we would show them to you guys.
    They are really cool and have great picture quality.
    Which one of these is your favourite?
    We also...
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    Scythe: Invaders from Afar Painted

    In this Painted Boardgame showcase we feature Scythe: Invaders from Afar!
    Scythe is a really awesome game, you guys should check it out for sure.

    If you want your own copy painted or another game...
  5. Marvel Universe Miniature Game: XMEN Painted

    These are some models from the Marvel Universe Miniature Game.
    Paint schemes are from a variety of eras from the marvel universe.
    To get your own set painted:
    Email us at:...
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    Thank you!

    Thank you!
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    The Others: 7 Sins Painted

    In this video we show you some of the cool painted monsters from the game "The Others: 7 Sins".
    They are very nice models and it was a blast to paint them.
    If you want your own copy painted contact...
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    Scythe BoardGame Painted- Video

    Hey thanks for checking out another painted boardgame showcase.
    Hope you enjoy the video and check out our channel for more to come and contests!

    If you want your own boardgame painted contact us...
  9. A few forge world characters and some conversions- (Video)

    Hey there, thanks for checking out our newest video.
    We showcase a few forge world models we've been painting recently.
    The ones in the video tag have...
  10. Studio Update: Skaven, Orcs and Goblins, an Iron Man Painted like the Joker and more!

    Hey guys, been a while.
    Since we have a bunch of fantasy all of a sudden I better share this in the Age of Sigmar section. That's a first!
    We made a new intro! So I guess we have to figure out...
  11. Rags To Righteous: Space Wolves (Refurbishing some old space wolf models)

    Welcome to the first instalment of the series Rags to Righteous, where we transform someone's old models into an awesome looking army.
    If your wondering the army was painted to our table top quality...
  12. Studio Update: The Saga Continues

    Thanks for checking out our weekly studio update.
    We have some cool stuff in the works and some nice finished projects to show you guys.
    Subscribe and stay tuned for more over the summer....
  13. Studio Update: Grey Knights, Sorcerers Cabal, Space Wolves

    Hey there, thanks for checking out our newest studio update.
    I hope you enjoy the video, have a great weekend!

    Contact info:
  14. 3k Battle Report- Chaos Imperial knights VS Guard with Infernal Tetrad

    We are celebrating our 3,000th subscriber with a battle report with over 6 THOUSAND POINTS.
    This battle report features my chaos imperial knight army against some imperial guard with the daemon...
  15. Studio Update: Descent into the Basement

    This update is full of new awesome commissions we have at the moment.
    We are your guys, whether you want a boardgame basically painted or a high quality display model.
    Also we just hit 3,000...
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    Blood Rage- Board Game Showcase

    Thanks for checking out another showcase video. This time we show you the new board game "Blood Rage".
    It is an awesome game where you play a viking clan during Ragnarök and try to pillage each...
  17. Simple Painting Tutorial: Realistic Fur

    This is a simple "presentation video" that Des made for his English course, thumbs it up to help his grades. :D
    This tutorial gives some tips on how to make the fur of your models pop and look more...
  18. Studio Update: Puppet Wars Hounds, Wraighknight, Deathwatch Techmarine and more

    This week's studio update features some more Puppet Wars Hounds, techmarines for 30k and Death Watch and a cool model we are doing for Drunkens & Dragons!
    Click the icon on the bottem right to...
  19. Showcase: Kingdom Death Part 2 (More Crazy Monsters Incoming!)

    This is the second part of the Kingdom Death set and it's full of more terrifying monsters and epic survivors!
    This video contains disturbing monsters viewer discretion is advised.....:D
    Models in...
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    Kingdom Death: Assembly Tips

    This Tutorial shows some tips and tricks to help you through the assembly of kingdom death.
    This was a difficult task for even an experience assembler so I hope we can help some of you new to...
  21. From Box To Battle: Imperial Knight

    Hey guys thanks for taking the time to watch our new video.
    This video takes you along the process of getting an Imperial Knight built, painted, and ready for BATTLE!
    If you have any Box to Battle...
  22. Studio Update- Skitarii, Space Wolves, Harridan with cool base, and much more

    Hey there thanks for joining us. We have a bunch of cool projects to show you guys this week!
    Come visit our channel and subscribe if you liked your stay.
    If you are interested in your project...
  23. Mice and Mystics Board Game- Painted Showcase

    Hey there we managed to squeak out another video this week....
    It was commission to our board game Basic- Tabletop range which is very affordable.
    Check out the following links for more info or...
  24. DND Adventurers Miniature Showcase- With funny Voice-Overs

    Greetings Travellers! Come in! Come in!
    Take a seat and look at some recent DND characters we've been working on for commissions.
    RPG Character Creation Page:...
  25. Studio Update- Iron Warriors, Tyranid Harridan, Imperial Guard and More!

    Welcome to another studio update here at 4ROC. A bunch of projects are on the go and more exciting ones to come!
    If your interested in a commission yourself for a board game, warhammer 40k, or DND...
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