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  1. [KS] More Goetia inspired Demon minis + Rings

    New Kickstarter for more Goetia Demons, Furfur, Balam & Purson this time!

    There are also Goetia Demon Seal Rings:
  2. [KS] Goetia inspired Demon minis!

    Hell Awaits... Wave 5 - This time featuring some Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia inspired Demons

    Here's the link to the Kickstarter for anyone who might be...
  3. [KS] More classic Demon minis - Pazuzu, Moloch + more!

    Hell Awaits... Wave 4 - XL edition! Featuring some of the larger inhabitants of Hell this time around.

    Here's the link to the Kickstarter for anyone who...
  4. Thanks Timmy, the Cheerleader's now free along...

    Thanks Timmy, the Cheerleader's now free along with the chef and tokens with all team pledges, and here are some more recent WIP pics of the Behemoths/Ogres from John Pickford :)
  5. [KS] Hell's Minions - A Demonic Fantasy Football Team!

    Hello, and welcome to my first venture into creating a Fantasy Football team!

    Based upon some of the Demon miniatures I've already produced, it was hard for me to resist making this team, even...
  6. Hell Awaits 2... more 28mm Demon Miniatures [Kickstarter]

    Second wave of mini Demons to summon into your homes!

    Hell Awaits... Wave 2

    Here's an idea of what's there:

  7. Hell Awaits... 28mm Demon Miniatures on Kickstarter

    Hello and welcome to Hell... where 28mm classic mini Demons are waiting to be summoned into your homes in the not too distant future!

    The Kickstarter ends on Saturday (30th September) so still...
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