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  1. Drukhari vs. Thousand Sons 1850p Video BATREP

    Finally, going against some Chaos!

    Iīm facing Thousand Sons in this one and i havenīt played against a full Thousand Sons army since like 5th edition, so i was stoked!

    Opponent had a beatiful...
  2. Drukhari vs. Grey Knights 1850p Video BATREP


    "What is it?"

    "I think we have found a worthy opponent..."

    "Really? Do i have to tell you what you will become, if you waste my time?"

    " am sure...their...
  3. Drukhari vs. NEW Space Wolves 1850p Video BATREP

    Yep, first time going against the new codex having Space Wolves!

    Some new tricks up their sleeves and more murderous drednaughts and characters roaming around...

    This was one of the tightest...
  4. Drukhari vs. Space Wolves/Imperial Knights 2000p 8th edition VIDEO BATREP

    Man is on a vacation and the batreps keep coming in!

    Part II of the "battle the monkeigh" two part series, where i use the same Drukhari list against two different type of Marine based armies......
  5. Drukhari vs. Raptors/Astra Militarum 2000p 8th edition Video BATREP


    So no better time to throw dice ;)

    I have two battle reports coming your way (this is the first one), both against Marines, or Imperium. I wanted to see, how the same list can fare...
  6. New Drukhari vs. Orks 2500p BUNKER ASSAULT 8th Edition VIDEO BATREP

    And here we go!

    Slightly different mission for my summer holiday (more time to play, bigger point values)!

    We are playing the Bunker Assault from the Chapter Approved, with a slight addition of...
  7. New Drukhari vs. Grey Knights 2000p 8th edition Video BATREP

    As requested by the public, a larger game!

    Yes, 2000p of combat, as the Drukhari go against the Grey Knights in this game combining Maelstrom and Eternal War.

    Small pitch for the game idea...
  8. New Drukhari vs. Ravenwing 1500p 8th Edition VIDEO BATREP

    Hello again!

    Another battle report with the 3 Patrolīs with slight modifications and we are pretty happy with the new codex to say at least :).

    This time going against the fast Ravenwing...
  9. New Drukhari vs. Adeptus Mechanicus 1650p 8th Edition VIDEO BATREP

    Finally it is here!

    The new codex! Iīm trying as much as new stuff i got fitted in to 1650p, three Patrols, three Warlord traits, three Obsessions (Prophets of Flesh, Speed of the Kill,The...
  10. Haemonculus Covens vs. Space Marines 1650p 8th Edition Video BATREP

    A pure Covens list withoutta codex?

    Hell yeah! Trying out some units i havenīt really played in the 8th edition (first for the Cronos which was a beast in the 7th...) and what better way to test...
  11. Drukhari vs. Grey Knights 1500p 8th Edition Video BATREP

    Itīs on again!

    After we both played in a tournament couple of weeks ago, we decided to do a tournament game with my friend, with the mission and lists from there (because we didnīt face in the...
  12. Drukhari vs. Orks 1850p 8th Edition Video BATREP

    Last dance of Lelith Hesperax?

    Going aginst the greenskinned folk in this one and it has been a while! Pretty brutal match, loads of CC units in both sides...

    Can the faster Drukhari dance...
  13. Drukhari vs. Instigators 1850p 8th Edition Video BATREP

    No more dairy product lists!

    Back to the true kin, got some Incubi, Wyches, Warrriors, Talos, Grotesques, Haemonculi, Drazhar in this one, not even an Archon!

    Opponent is a known foe for the...
  14. Ulthwe Wraiths vs. Mars 2000p 8th edition Video BATREP

    Revenge of the Mars!

    After the devastation to the Metallicus, Belisarius Cawl was furious and woved revenge to the Ulthwe Wraiths...shall his big boy backup save his hiney going against the mighty...
  15. Ulthwe Wraiths vs. Metallicus 2000p 8th edition Video BATREP

    What? A Sighting of the Lost Vyper Craftworld?

    Yes! Itīs been a while, since i played/filmed a batrep with Eldar, but letīs see how it goes!

    I made a list with a single idea, and informed the...
  16. Hive Fleet Behemoth vs. Drukhari (Chapter Approved) 2000p Video BATREP

    Itīs on...

    Hive fleet Behemoth consumes everything in itīs way...Archon Gravon has to pull all the tricks from his sleeve to even escape this nightmare or become an extension of the ever growing...
  17. Drukhari vs. Space Marines 2000p 8th Edition Video BATREP

    New laptop! New editing software! Same gnarly narrating!

    Yes, here we go again, Maelstrom+Eternal War -missions + Tertiaries. This is game three of the Fluff tournament we got going on @...
  18. Haemonculus Covens vs. Instigators 1850p WH40K Video Batrep

    Flesh vs. Metal!

    Instigators are coming for the Haemonculus Xorobzīs head! While harvesting for fresh flesh, Haemonculus was not aware of the trap they were lured in. Instigators are waiting...
  19. Ynnari vs. Orks 1850p Video BATREP + Conclusion


    I know, these batreps keep coming in, but this is the last of the Ynnari for a while. This series was four games with the same list & same mission. Some of them used Empyric Storm -cards to...
  20. Ynnari vs. Green Tide (Orks) 1850p WH40K Video BATREP

    Oh the horror!

    If you have never seen Green Tide in action, well, here you go...about 250 models going against my Ynnari and it was an interesting game! That huge blob shuts down the table and...
  21. Ynnari vs. Black Legion 1850p WH40K Video BATREP

    Empyric storms!

    First time ever trying those out and they really had an impact on the game!

    Black Legion comes calling for a fight with the Ynnari, but should they have done that? Second game...
  22. Ynnari vs. Grey Knights 1850p Video BATREP


    With a vengeance, the Ynnari will deploy destruction where ever they roam...

    This time, i have upgraded the list, still keeping the Wraith units & Scat bikes out of the picture, but put...
  23. Ynnari vs. Iron Hands 1850p Video BATREP

    Iīm back! Sorry about the long delay, again, a new job takes all of the valuable gaming time and iīm lucky to get one game/week at the moment ;).

    In this game, i have an Ynnari list (setting on...
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    EndWar II 40K -Tournament Recap video


    Long time no posts or videos, because of the new job that i started in August, but here we go!
    The whole summer was about getting my list ready for the tournament this September, which was...
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    So...this list didnīt work at all. I had two...

    So...this list didnīt work at all. I had two games (Cult Mechanicus & Tau/Necrons) and i didnīt even had a chance on either of them.
    In the first game i struggled to wound T7 MCīs / he rolled hot on...
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