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  1. Covert Intervention Games now exclusive manufacturer of Elhiem Ltd. 20mm miniatures!

    Hey BoLS Modern fans, we are pretty excited about our big announcement:

    More Details here: Covert...
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    For those who want to see the metal unpainted. ...

    For those who want to see the metal unpainted.
    Pick up Undercover Agents Team 1 Here
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    Special Agents - Undercover Agents

    Hi there fellow War Gamers!

    Covert Intervention Games is excited to highlight our Undercover Special Agents in 20mm scale available now.
    Great for FBI, CIA, dark shadow government agency, or even...
  4. Covert Intervention Games line of Terrorist...

    Covert Intervention Games line of Terrorist Minions continues to expand with Minion Team 2 getting highlighted today.
  5. New 20mm Scale Terrorists from Covert Intervention Games

    Covert Intervention Games just released Terrorist Minions in 20mm scale!
    Perfect for Historical and Modern war games.
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