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    Warning - Huge Picture:
  2. My finished 5x4 City Table - Epic/Adeptus Titanicus/DZC

    I emailed BOLS - but I think it was the wrong email. Can someone send me the correct one to contact them for Tabletop Gallery?

    Hello all, this is my City Table I worked on from October 2015 to...
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    Sticky: I posted a thread it and I got a message that it...

    I posted a thread it and I got a message that it needs to be approved? Is there a minimum post count to be able to create a thread?
  4. Thread: Hello all!

    by sfamine

    Hello all!

    Net Epic, DZC, 40k and soon to be Adeptus Titanicus player checking in
  5. My Masterpiece as a hobbyist: My 5x4 City Table - N Scale for Adeptus Titanicus/DZC

    October 2015 to June 2017

    Album of how I unpack and setup the table:

    I emailed BOLS to get this put up as an article or pic of the...
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