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  1. Radical Inquisitor (Looking for advice on what to write about)
    I had the idea to start a regular article to help me stay accountable and focus on my hobby goals. I also thought it would be neat to let readers ask questions...
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    Economic Guide to Circle Orboros

    Has the cost of the Hooch Hauler got you feeling down? Micah from MidwestWargaming has written a very timely article about the economics of one of war machine's more cost effective factions....
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    Economic Guide to Warmachine/Hordes

    We all know that all factions are not created equal in terms of power level. But did you also know that all factions are also not created equal in terms of cost? Check out Vygngynce's economic guide...
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    Judgement review

    Judgement brings all the elements of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game genre to the table top. Powerful, diverse and fun heroes, neutral monsters, magical items and hero levels. These...
  5. thanks for posting these all in one thread. I...

    thanks for posting these all in one thread. I will be watching
  6. Interview with 2017 World Champion of Guild Ball, Alex Botts

    Guild Ball is known for its tournament scene. It's back and forth dynamic, fun sports-theme and fantasy elements provide for excellent fun but it also provides for competition. I interviews the man...
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    100 power level tournament with Orks

    A couple weekends ago one of my FLGS, Mayhem Comics, had their second 8th Ed 40k tournament. Similar to their first tournament, it was meant to be more casual than competitive so it was set at 100...
  8. Guild Ball, Beginners Guide to Blacksmiths

    Greetings all! This is Lance from the (I’m sure, soon to be) highly famous Guild Ball podcast, The Pitch!

    What? No one gives a damn? Ok, cool… never mind then.

    I have been tasked to walk those...
  9. Guild Ball, Statistical breakdown of Blacksmiths

    I can’t offer you the same tactical advice as another Midwest Wargaming Blog contributor who’s got some actual experience to bring to the table. All I can really give you is the numbers and what I...
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    Guild Ball, the concept behind a lineup

    If you have a favorite 6-man roster but no real clue on who to bring for your remaining 4, or maybe you've never really thought about the draft process, Jd Haigler has an informative write-up where...
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    The Pitch, Ep.1 a Guild Ball podcast

    The Pitch is a podcast focused on discussing Steamforged's sport-themed-wargame, Guild Ball.

    Lance Becker and Dan White are both Iowa coaches who love the game and wanted to promote Guild Ball...
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    Guildball player focus: Esters is Besters

    The internet believes Tapper is the number one captain and that Esters is hot garbage. The internet is wrong.
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    Countercharge ep16: Pirate Queen Skarre

    pSkarre was the bane of Mark II. She ran a million infantry, ran everything, popped feat and destroyed the world. In Mark III she was nerfed a bit and you can only target up to five models with +5...
  14. Guild Ball video battle report, Esters vs Fillet

    Hey all, first video battle report and it was a doozy of a game. Definitely stay tuned until the end for a fun ending.

    Mash ...
  15. Deep Wars review, underwater war-game by Antimatter Games

    Antimatter games is the only company I know that has created an underwater themed war-game. This alone makes their game worth looking into because these days every game is just another carbon-copy of...
  16. Countercharge ep15: Kraye, tournament recap and Battle Engines

    This week Mike and I prep for a local tournament. I'm bringing Synthieran in theme and he's bringing some Ghostfleet. We talk about our lists before the tournament and follow up with the listeners...
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    Ork Boyz synnergy stacking

    I'm new to 40k but even at a distance these cheap models seem scary as hell when spammable. Here's a write up on synergies and tactics vs them
  18. The dicemath for re-rolling damage on Trencher Longgunner

    New trencher long gunners can re-roll damage. Unlike re-rolling dice to hit, re-rolling damage has a bit more too it.
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    Dark Eldar wish list for 8th ed.

    I know most people have poured through the spoilers so far, well... one guy is still in the dark.

    Here's an 8th ed. wish-list for Dark Eldar...
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    Axis, the Harmonic Enforcer

    My brother and I returned from MuseOnCon and we talk about our time in Des Moines and some CoC in our latest podcast:

    Guildball Regional recap
    ADR season 6 preview
    Axis Dojo
    Axis Battle Report...
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    Painting CoC with pigment washes

    Tired of using Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade on literally everything? Check out this collage of how pigment washes look on some Warmachine miniatures. Basically, it adds a neat chunky effect. ...
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    3,269 has a lot of Infinity... has a lot of Infinity tactical articles by Pride of Rodina, just filter your search for Infinity.
    Also, Pride of Rodina has own blog at
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    Dark Host Theme Force discussion

    Hello, this week my brother and I dive into the Jan Brady of the Cryx theme forces. We start off the episode going over the most recent CID, then we go over the Bane Theme force and jump into a...
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    Blood & Plunder 100pt battle report

    Hello, if you've ever wanted to see what a historical pirate game looks like check out my pictures and battle report of Firelock Games Blood & Plunder...
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    AD Troop Guide

    Airborne deployment troops are some of the greatest troops in the game, if you know how to use them properly. Nothing like dropping an Assault Hacker out of the middle of nowhere, or bringing a HMG...
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