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  1. VIDEO Batrep: 2000pts Necrons vs Harlequins
  2. Video BatRep: 1500pts Tyranids vs Death Guard & Nurgle
  3. VIDEO Batrep: (2000pts ITC Mission 1) Imperial Fists vs Harlequins
  4. Painting Kingdom Death Monster core set
  5. Warhammer 40k (VIDEO) Batrep: 2000pts Necrons vs Orks

    ITC Scenario 2
  6. Warhammer 40k 2000pt Batrep (VIDEO): Ultra Marines vs Necrons
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    3D Settlers of Catan (Custom Build)
  8. (VIDEO) Imperial Knights Renegade Mission 1
  9. Tutorial Video: Imperial Knights Renegade
  10. Building a Dark Seas Themed 6' x 4' Board (VIDEO)
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    Styrofoam Islands

    Quick, cheap, and looks decent on the table. We're talking Styrofoam terrain of course. In this case I wanted some that would work as islands on a water map, but these could also be used as hills for...
  12. LAST GAME of 40k 7th Edition (VIDEO BATREP)

    Tyranids vs Orks 1850pts
    What better way to leave 7th edition than with a straight out of the book mission using two armies that are most anticipating a new rule...
  13. VIDEO Batrep: 1500pts Necrons vs Tyranids
  14. VIDEO Battle Report: Necrons vs Iron Hands
  15. VIDEO Batrep: Aeldari Harlequins vs Iron Hands
  16. Video Battle Report: 1500pts Space Marines vs Orks
  17. Video Battle Report: 1500pts Space Wolves vs Space Marines
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    Kingdom Death Custom Board
  19. Warhammer 40K 1850pt Genestealer Cult vs Space Wolves
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    Introduction to Malifaux (Video)
  21. Building and Painting 3 ITC Terrain Series Urban Square Building (6min video)

    This video is a time lapse/montage of building 3 Urban Square Buildings (using 4 kits) from the Frontline Gaming ITC Terrain series. These terrain pieces are super...
  22. 1850pt ITC Scenario 5 Orks vs Tyranids (youtube video)

    An 1850pt ITC game using scenario 5 (Big Guns Never Tire). Orks w/ Buzzgobs Big Mek Stompa against 4 flyrants. Thanks for checking it out! Where just trying our hand...
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