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  1. 8th Edition Dark Imperium Box Set Nurgle vs Primaris ! New Bat Rep ! Discussion

    Hey everyone, we just produced a new 8th edition battle report and we have been discussing the new rules and box set minis. The Foetid Bloat-Drone has had a lot of discussion, I personally think...
  2. Quick Tip on how to remove mold lines easily!

    Hey everyone! We just recently started a Patreon channel and a new series called Cheat Codes! We will be releasing these on Patreon first but then on youtube later to help as many people in the...
  3. The Twilight Sisters with Dragon and Eagle!

    The Twilight Sisters, a favorite for a lot of us for many reasons, but mainly because they are so hard to kill! White Metal Games painted up this extraordinary piece just recently and it looked so...
  4. Tau Commander Stormlord! Check this out! Lightning effects!

    Hey guys, this is a new mini we just finished! It's a Tau Commander "Stormlord"! Our client asked some very specific lightning effects and Object Source Lighting tricks! Check out the pictures and...
  5. Awesome! We miss you Leia!

    Awesome! We miss you Leia!
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