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  1. Some production copies painted by Axia, to show...

    Some production copies painted by Axia, to show you the quality of the cast and details! Help us unlocking new stretch goals!
  2. [Kickstarter Citizens of the old World by Axia and Heresylab] PAINTED MODELS

    Hello! Today I'm proud to present you the first kickstarter from Axia in collaboration with Heresylab called Citizens of the Old world!

    These models are 28mm heroic scale, compatible with the...
  3. Venus Valkyries Project - Personal project (from design to casting) seeking opinions

    I know female marines are not in the background, but been playing for 25 years and always wanted my personalized army.
    So here I am and will post updates, I got a friend to help and working on a 3D...
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