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    Default Lexicanum Announcements - Fall 2018

    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to make a few announcements on what is going on with Lexicanum.

    We are currently starting a refresh of the main wikis to make them more accessible for mobile users, and visually appealing for desktop users.

    We will be doing some optimizations to the mobile template to make reading pages faster and easier on phones.
    We will be doing some template color and font adjustments to make pages easier to read on both desktop and mobile.
    We will be doing some template optimizations to speed up loadtimes, particularly on mobile.

    Admin Assistance Please

    Where we need assistance is on the foreign language wikis. The primary issue with Lexcanum's 12 year old templates is they come from a time well before smartphones, and are designed for desktop widescreens. We need all major pages on the French/German wikis altered to be single column. This will make these popular pages render correctly for people on phones. This mainly affects the frontpage and portal pages of each wiki. We have already modified the frontpage and portal pages of the english wikis to be single column.

    We would ask that any admins who can read and access the foreign language wikis, please help modify those pages. In general this is just removing the wikiscript in pages that defines multiple columns, and then modifying tables to be narrower if they still don't fit on an average smartphone. You can easily test any page by modifying it's formatting via desktop, while monitoring it it on your phone.

    New Wikis?

    We are currently discussing cloning the english Warhammer Fantasy-Age of Sigmar wiki, and letting admins/contributors begins to move them in different firections so there is a dedicated Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar wiki. This however would be best done AFTER all the modifications are complete, so we are not duplicating work. We will return to this issue when the visual updates are done.
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