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Thread: 2250 VC Tourney

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    Cheers for all the feedback, very useful.

    What is a good size for Grave Guard? Is it possible to have two Death Stars in a 2250 or even 2000pt army? Say a Blood Knight and a Black Knight one and go cheap everywhere else to support them?

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    Size- 20 min or nothing.
    HW/shield/warbanner for holding the center, while Knights are bashing the flanks, regen, GW, helm/casty lord for bashing on their own

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    Like Vlad said run a unit of 20 with Hand weapon, Shield and banner.

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    As with everything with VC, before cutting the first detail from the sprue, you should decide a strict combat role of the unit.
    1)Is this unit a main hitter?
    2)Is this unit a main holder?
    3)Is this unit a bait?
    4)Is this unit a support?
    5)(optional) if not any of the previous, then- what the hell this is doing in my army?
    GG could be 1) or 2), 3)is for most of the Core, 4)is for single models and wraiths

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    i like the vamp lord. but 20 pts for an extra armour save is a bit lame. pesonaly my fav armour is night shoud. just coz it dnt matter who you are you will strike affter the vamp lord... and from the looks fo the list offence is the best defence should work nicely as long as your not careless with him.

    i dont like vamps in blk knights as it slows them down due to loss of etherial movment. its far more effective in my experiance to kinda inverse ammer and anvil where you use a unit of skelies as the anvil but beef it up with vamps for combat res and use the nights to eat them from the flank and as there not hindered by woods buildings ect its all good : )

    in addtion iv allways been a firm beiliver that the way to win with vc is to out number sounds ovious due to fear rules but that makes bigger units of black nights more powerfull
    inaditon tounpresentables tip. the movement phaze is the most important phaze in fantasy, alos try and fid your own style of play. personaly im a lets try and assanate carictures take risks kinda guy. when you find your style write armys to compliment it

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    I like graveguard more with two handed weapon.

    20 of them, full command, banner +1 to hit. wrath bsb with drakenhof and a two handed weapon as well

    add a vampire(lord) with helm of command somwhere in the backfield and a corpsechart or four.

    show me the unit that can hold against 8A s6, KB, hitting on 2+, allways strike first.

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    DE Black guard with asf banner could handle this well. Or HE phoenix guard with battlebanner +d6 CR
    I find black knights far better as a unit for drakenhoff


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