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    Default Help with Fan Project - Full 40K Roster Campaign System

    Hi BoLS Friends,

    I love to develop 40K campaigns, and after several years of trying different things my friends and I developed a full system to run 40K roster campaigns. We have a draft product that we are very proud of and wanted to share it with as many fellow 40K fans as possible. We would also like your help since we have only been able to playtest it on a small scale--we are looking for more playtesters, and even artists if we can find any! The Roster Campaign system is a supplement book similar to the old Apocalypse/Cityfight/Planetstrike/etc books that allow you to modify 40K to play in a new way. We hope to release a final version in February of next year that is better playtested (with your help) and hopefully includes artwork!

    In the Roster Campaign, both sides develop an 8,000-point roster at the beginning of the campaign, and the rules guide the players through eight missions, with players having to draw all of their army lists from the roster they built at the start of the campaign. The Roster Campaign also includes casualty management rules, so depending on how the missions go, soldiers in your army may become hardened veterans that fight stronger than before, might suffer temporary injuries that cause them to miss out on a mission or two, or may be permanently disabled or killed and removed from your roster. By drawing lists from a single roster and introducing casualty management, players must carefully manage larger forces, must make hard choices about who to risk on missions, and can easily string missions together to make a fun story! The Roster Campaign system also includes faction special rules to add flavor to the campaign--Necrons have a better chance of recovering their wounded, Dark Eldar can capture slaves, Orks can loot items and vehicles abandoned by the other side, and much more!

    We started a website to make it easier to host the files and update progress. Please head to to check it out.

    Please help us playtest if you can and share this with other 40K fans, we would love to get your playtesting reports and artwork by January 31, 2018 if you would like to contribute to the project. We also have a four-player version of the Roster Campaign and a "Hard Mode" mod if you're interested, and will post more material such as warzone-specific versions of the campaign and other side projects as time goes on.

    Thanks for your help, we hope you enjoy the Roster Campaign!

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    We finished the final version of our roster campaign rules that includes updates with Codex features and allows the use of Chapter Approved materials. Take a look if you would like to try a roster campaign!



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