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    Default [KS 16/10] "The Adventurers" 5 High quality Fantasy resin miniatures.

    Next 16th October we´ll launch a campaign on Kickstarter "The Adventurers": 5 High quality Fantasy resin miniatures in 32mm and 70mm for role players, dungeon crawlers lovers, collectors and painters. There will be an Early bird of 18€ for the 5 miniatures of 32mm and an Early Bird of 75€ for the 5 miniatures of 70mm for the first 48 hours.

    Here you can see the miniatures painted by Giraldez Studio.

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    We show you our new Kickstarter campaign :
    "The adventurers" High-Quality Fantasy Resin Miniatures.

    Here you have the link. We hope you like it!

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