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    Default Militia Miniatures - The Bad Guys! Kickstarter live now!

    "Right then guys," said Granger, knocking Bennett's feet off the table and dropping a pile of folders in their place. "As we all know, the whole world's gone to sh*t and no one knows what's going on anymore. We're suddenly in demand again and we've got some jobs to choose from." Picking up the folders, he started passing them out to the assembled group. "We've got offers from in South America, Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East so it's up to you guys to decide".

    It's been a while but we're back with another 50 fantastic 28mm sculpts! As with our first Kickstarter, we want to produce miniatures that aren't tied down to a specific conflict, allowing them to be used in all manner of games and systems.

    We've got:
    - South American cartel soldiers
    - African insurgents
    - Republican guard
    - European rioters
    - American survivalists

    This time our inspiration has come mainly from Hollywood, so we'll leave you to guess which movies we've been watching!

    Our initial funding target is £3000 and there's also some stretch goals ready to go, including Humvees, leaders, robots and more!

    We're live now so head over and have a look: The campaign will run for 14 days so make sure to get your pledges in!

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    We've hit the £4000 stretch goal, meaning that the Humvee is now live and available to add to your Pledge! As an added bonus, we'll include both gun options with every vehicle, so you can fit your Humvee's out with either the M60 or M19. The mounting for them is the same, so you could even swap them over during a game if you wanted.

    The Humvee is a £15 Add-On to your pledge. As another bonus, we've decided that there is no shipping surcharge on this item for those of you outside the UK.

    So, just add £15 per Humvee to your Pledge and let's crack on for the £5000!

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    We're halfway through our campaign and we've smashed through another stretch goal, unlocking the Leaders for each of our factions! We've contacted the sculptor and work has started on these so we'll have pictures for you as soon as we receive them.

    These will be individual character types:

    - A suited Colombian drug lord for our Cartel soldiers.
    - An African general for our Insurgents, a bit like an Idi Amin style figure.
    - A Republican Guard officer, not quite the obvious candidate but similar.
    - A more rotund chap for the Survivalists, who definitely wants to to make America great again...
    - And a female hacker type for our Rioters, co-ordinating things on social media.

    Each of these is a £2 Add-On to your Pledge or you can add all 5 for £8 which means 45% discount over RRP!

    Our next stretch goal is £6000 where two things will happen:

    1. Firstly we'll add a 5th pose to the Crossover Miniatures range of Robots which we acquired earlier this year. There are two sets, Advancing and Firing, and each set comes with two head options as well. The sculptor is poised and ready to start work on these straightaway. These will be an Add-On, priced at £6 for 5 robots.

    2. We're also getting a gunner figure made, as a conversion on our original Strike mercenary, which will be added as a freebie to every Humvee purchased. This is getting done either way, so if we don't hit the £6000 we can offer it as a paid Add-On.

    If we're able to hit £7000 then we'll be adding a completely new set to campaign, so another 5 'Regulars' and 5 'Specials'. We've got a few ideas of our own about what to add but let us know what you'd like to see!

    And that's it for now, we've got 7 days left so keep those pledges coming in!



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