These are my newest auctions posted on eBay. A wide range of items this week including rare RPG supplements from RPG Day 2018. Thanks for your interest!

Auction link...

-- Seraphon Sunblood
-- Seraphon Troglodon
-- Slann Starmaster
-- Bastilodon Ark of Sotek
-- Bastilodon Solar Engine
-- Seraphon Astrolith
-- Skink Champions

-- Underworlds Card Sleeves (card protectors)
-- Underworlds Stormcast Dice
-- Underworlds Shadespire "shattered glass" pre-order Limited Edition character cards

-- Orruk (Orc, Ork) Megaboss

-- Primaris Space Marines
-- Chaos Space Marine Datacards (new, sealed)

-- RPG supplements (various), RARE, from RPG Day 2018

-- Various Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman and more rare Lego, backpacks, blankets and more!